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Sunday, October 14, 2012

On Research

When Bob Sampson was writing his series of Yesterday's Faces, he selected one of his quotes from one, and framing it, sent it to his research buddies at the time. I still have mine in its frame. Here is Bob with Nick Carr, and below is Bob's wise words of wisdom in talking to us researchers.

On Research

When you speak of those who comment on popular fiction, speak gently. They are childish in their enthusiasms, these commentators. They scratch endlessly in their gray-lighted immensity of forgotten novels, stiffing at the track of the past.
Bits of brown paper cling to their clothing. Their eyes are huge. Soiled papers bulge their pockets, notes scribbled in the stacks. For they have had valuable insights and scrawled these down, so that the thoughts might not escape, not one – although how easily blurted these are when transmitted from thought to the written word.
Speak gently of these commentators. Their thoughts are not of this present. Their bodies consume dinners and feel the sun and even drive automobiles on public highways. But their minds, all interlocked with speculations on the past, balance the merits of books no one cares to read. In doing so, they achieve a sort of dusty happiness. Their candle dwindles. But little they notice that shrinking light. There is still another Nick Carter to read, another clue to consider, another cracksman to emplace in the shabby mosaic of their thought. They honor the forgotten. They search earnestly, stumbling from volume to volume, seeking to understand what is of dubious importance. Accident guides their minds as much as design.
Drop a nickel in their cup and hurry by. For Heaven’s sake, hurry! That one wants to tell you about Jimmie Dale.
A pitiful case. See what reading does to you!

Excerpted From YESTERDAY’S FACES, Volume 1 –
“Glory Figures”, by Robert Sampson (1983)

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