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Retirement. Publishers, thank you for the many years of reading pleasure you gave me, but all good things must come to an end. Due to failing eyesight I am forced to retire this December, instead of waiting until 2016. I can no longer review your books, and any that you send will be donated to the local library, unread. Do not send any more. I can only read for a couple hours every day, and this does not allow me to finish a book in reasonable time. I will be devoting time to my own books from now on, and reading on a personal level. My eyesight has been failing the last few years, and I cannot handle review books any more. My books are still available for review. Anyone interested in reviewing any of them, they are found in the Link to Tom’s Books On Amazon. Contact me for pdf copies at

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Pacific Burn

In recognition for his role in solving the Japantown murders in San Francisco, antiques dealer and sometime-PI Jim Brodie has just been brought on as the liaison for the mayor’s new Pacific Rim Friendship Program. Brodie in turn recruits his friend, the renowned Japanese artist Ken Nobuki, and after a promising meeting with city officials and a picture-perfect photo op, Brodie and Nobuki leave City Hall for a waiting limo.
But as soon as they exit the building, a sniper attacks them from the roof of the Asian Art Museum. Quick thinking allows Brodie to escape, but Nobuki ends up hospitalized and in a coma. Brodie soon realizes that, with the suspicious and untimely death of Nobuki’s oldest son a week earlier in Napa Valley, someone may be targeting his friend’s family—and killing them off one by one.
Suspects are nearly too numerous to name—and could be in the United States or anywhere along the Pacific Rim. The quest for answers takes Brodie from his beloved San Francisco to Washington, DC, in a confrontation with the DHS, the CIA, and the FBI; then on to Tokyo, Kyoto, and beyond, in search of what his Japanese sources tell him is a legendary killer in both senses of the word—said to be more rumor than real, but deadlier than anything else they’ve ever encountered if the whispers are true.

PACIFIC BURN (International Thriller)
By Barry Lancet
Simon & Shuster
ISBN # 978-1476794884
Price $26.00 (hardback)
368 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“Smooth Writing, Fast Paced, And Non-Stop Action.”

A murder in Napa Valley brings Jim Brodie into the case. Brodie, a dealer of Japanese and oriental objects de art, is an expert on Japanese language and culture. The Napa Valley murder involved a Japanese male, and his son was a witness, and the police need Brodie’s help in translating. The murder may also tie in with the mayor’s wishes to unite his city with the Pacific Rim Friendship program. In fact, the father of the Napa Valley dead man is shot on the City Hall steps, and might die from the wound.

Brodie is pulled even deeper into the case when the Nobuki daughter is also targeted, and government agents of the CIA, FBI, and DHS try to derail him and arrest the Japanese girl. The case has deeper significance as an assassin called the Steam Walker is hired to kill the Nobuki family and Jim Brodie. So far, the assassin hasn’t failed in a mission, and his martial arts skills are far beyond that of Jim Brodie.

This was another fast paced action thriller that takes place in America and Japan. The writing is smooth, and the characters come alive. The plot has many twists, until the mastermind behind the assassin is finally uncovered, and the assassin unmasked. This is topnotch story telling from the first page to the last. Highly recommended for thriller and action lovers.

Tom Johnson


Friday, February 5, 2016

Tom Mix Rides Again

Tom Mix Rides Again

Amazon has just released Darryle Purcell’s latest Buckskin Edition western adventure of the Hollywood Cowboy Detectives, Mystery of the Howling Angels. The kindle Edition can be purchased for $0.99. When it is released at a later date in paperback, Howling Angels will be accompanied by Mystery of the Black Widow.

Classic western stars Tom Mix and Hoot Gibson join Republic Pictures flack Sean “Curly” Woods in a race from Hollywood to the Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma. With bounties on their heads, the Hollywood Cowboy Detectives are one step in front of murderous agents of the Congressional Shadow Caucus, an organization of federally elected officials who support an alliance with Nazi Germany. With the assistance of G-man Donovan Slate, the trio engage in shootouts on Route 66 in California, battles against an attacking force in Phoenix, Arizona, and on a passenger train in Texas, and aerial combat and ambushes in the wilderness of the legendary Hundred and One Ranch on the panhandle of Oklahoma.

Warned by tribal spirits and dogged by visions from beyond the grave, the western heroes tackle traitors who have chosen to carry the banner of evil against their own country. Tom, Hoot and Curly fight for their lives through the first week of 1939. Another Great War is coming, and, although they remain secret to most citizens, the first battles are waged in Washington and America’s great Southwest. Old friends and new unite in the struggle against fascist killers, some of whom consider themselves patriotic Americans.

Purcell writes the series in the style of the great Saturday matinee serials of the 1930s and illustrates them along the lines of the western pulps of the same era.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cold War Heroes

COLD WAR HEROES by Tom Johnson, with a great photo cover by Teena Modgling, is now available through FADING SHADOWS: Top Secret action in this military satire set in Europe during the height of the Cold War. A group of misfit MPs must confront spies and the black market while dealing with a boxing tournament on Post! Not since M*A*S*H* and SOLDIER IN THE RAIN have we been treated to an inside look at military life with a touch of humor by a soldier who actually experienced it.

Loosely based on the author’s memories of Poitiers, France, and the American Army military Post where he served from 1963 to 1966 with the military police. A detachment stuck miles from headquarters, where there was sometimes a lack of military discipline, too much cognac, and some very beautiful French girls. This is available in Hardback from the author for $24.95, and paperback for $13.95, plus postage. It is also available on Kindle for $3.99

Saturday, January 30, 2016

PI Day Doomsday

A dying Nobel Prize-winning nuclear scientist threatens Los Angeles with an unfathomable doom, submerged deeply offshore. Will L.A.'s finest with aid from the U.S. Navy, USCG, FBI, and DHS unravel his ciphered clues and find it in time? Is Southern California's annihilation imminent as the calendar flips to pi day?
A gripping tale of greed, revenge, and intrigue, PI DAY DOOMSDAY leads you into the deranged world of madness and retribution surrounding a malevolent genius, banished from science, living on the edge of insanity, intent on destroying humanity. A thriller like no others, this one holds you in suspense until the last millisecond.

By John Paul Cater
Price $3.14
257 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“Fast-Paced Thrills.”

Simon Fogner, PhD, Nobel Laureate, and nuclear physicist, has a score to settle with the world. A mathematical genius, he uses pi to plan the destruction of Los Angeles, and all of southern California. He builds two thermonuclear bombs he names Adam & Eve, and maps out the best location to cause the maximum destruction. He has planned for his two bombs to form the symbol of pi when the nuclear clouds form and touch.

Exposed to the deadly material he is already dying of radiation sickness. His skin is pealing off, and he’s bleeding out, yet he manages to stay alive long enough to place his terrible weapons then leaves a coded poem for authorities; he uses a form of anagram to write his message in the poem, and plans to leave it with the news media. However, when that fails, he drops the envelope through the open window of a California Highway Patrol vehicle parked at a Starbucks. The letters WMD written on the envelope warns CHP Officer Mica Brisco that this could be important. His captain is away for the week, so he drops it off with the Sheriff’s Office. Within 12 hours, his phone rings and he’s ordered to appear at SID for questioning. Arriving, Brisco finds a task force in place, including FBI, Homeland Security, the Sheriff’s Office, Cryptanalysis, Forensic Computer Analysis, Forensic Psychiatrist, and a doctor of nuclear physics. The taskforce – or A-Team - will grow before the case is over, to include the Navy and other civilian specialists. The taskforce is working on the belief there is one bomb, Adam, not realizing there is a second, Eve, until the last hours of pi – 3.14159.

Wow, this is what makes a good movie. With zero hour ticking away, the taskforce must discover the location of the bombs, and either disable them, or make them harmless some other way. Each bomb is at least 20 times the power of the bombs dropped on Japan, and will literally vaporize L.A. in an instant. I was especially taken with the villain – a super villain in every sense of the word. His flesh literally falling off, he should have been dead before he could put his bombs together; yet he not only builds them, places them in the ocean, and runs around L.A. most of the book dressed like the Grim Reaper. The writing is topnotch, the characters are three-dimensional, and the plot is fresh and imaginative. Thriller lovers will not want to miss this one, and I can highly recommend it to readers who just like a good yarn.

Tom Johnson

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The King of Fear

The blistering sequel to The Ascendant: An action-packed thriller starring a bond trader turned antihero. Unlikely patriot Garrett Reilly can identify threats against America from both inside and outside the nation’s borders. But now the whole world’s economy is at risk…
Garrett Reilly sees what others do not: numbers, patterns, a nation on the brink of collapse. His unique talents saved countries from falling into a world war in The Ascendant. But it also made him a marked man―marked by terrorist groups; marked by the US Government.
In The King of Fear, Garrett recognizes a string of events that could lead to economic Armageddon in the US: banks closing, grocery shelves lying empty, the nation’s currency rendered worthless. Total chaos could engulf society within a matter of days. Garrett and the Ascendant team reunite to face enemies on all sides: a wounded Russia bent on keeping its crumbling empire in place, a cyber genius fixated on Garrett, a femme fatale willing to do anything to establish a new world order. In the midst of this, Garrett must also confront his own demons: his class rage, growing paranoia, and a dependency that he cannot seem to shake. After all, it only takes one card to make the whole house fall…

The King of Fear (Thriller)
“The Complete Saga”
Simon & Shuster
ISBN #978-1476725918
Price $8.82 (Pre-Order)
364 Pages
Rating 4-Stars

“An Unlikely Hero”

This book actually contains Books #1, 2 & 3, which follow the premiere novel, THE ASCENDANT. Garrett Reilly is a financial genius. He sees numbers, and recognizes global bonds and money traffic. He was part of a team in The Ascendant stopping an attack that could have resulted in war, and now it appears terrorists are after him, and planning another attack on the West. In Part 1, the President of the Federal Reserve is assassinated, and his killer names Garrett as the man behind the assassination. In Book #2, the team is up against a mysterious terrorist, while Garrett struggles with his own drug addiction. Book #3 brings THE KING OF FEAR to a conclusion, but only after discovering the terrorist attack may have a personal connection.

I came into the series cold; not having read THE ASCENDANT first, and then was given this edition containing the three novels. Although the writing was good, and the characters interesting, it was a real task finding the book itself interesting. I felt that the main character, Garrett Reilly was hard to believe as the hero. An injury in a bar fight had cracked his skull, leaving him with headaches, and on a lot of pain killers; plus, at times he was filled with paranoia and didn’t know who he could trust. The drugs certainly helped in his confusion. Cyber attacks and hidden power money is a good plot, but I felt we needed a better hero than Garrett to save the world. He could have been the go-to man behind the scenes, but not the front line G-I Joe. Still, readers who like a good thriller will find this series a good read. It just wasn’t of interest for me.

Tom Johnson