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As a twenty-year Army veteran, I served on the Korean DMZ under fire, as well as in Vietnam. I have always been a voracious reader of many genres, and review books for numerous publishers. The main goal of PULP DEN is not only to showcase my books, but also to promote other writers and their books. As I turn 75 in July 2015, I need to slow down due to health problems. I will only be reviewing books by authors I know are topnotch writers, who create good plots and characters, and can spell longer words than four letters beginning with “f”. I do not join groups like Linkedin, Grouply, and Grammarly, so no invitations. I have complete runs of the major character pulps, and have read them all. I have been in pulp fandom since 1970, though a fan much longer. I publish my reviews on this Blog, Amazon, and in a print magazine. If anyone would be interested in reviewing any of my books, see the Link to Tom’s Books On Amazon. And contact me for pdf copies at

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Go! Hold On! Season Two

Go! – Hold On! Season 2

On the run! Their sister taken! And their only hope—is a broken man!

Brandon Drake has escaped from Leavenworth, aided by a new player who has entered the game. Tyler Faraday is the heir to an empireand Brandon’s long-lost brother. Tyler enables Brandon’s reunion with his lover, Belinda, but Brandon is no longer the man she once knew. Haunted by memories of a life that never happened, he succumbs to the lure of alcohol.
Tyler has discovered he and Brandon have another sibling. Having been raised in a convent, their sister, Emily, has a crisis of faith and flees. On the road, she is kidnapped by a ruthless human trafficking organization run by a mysterious kingpin called Sapphire. Brandon, Tyler, and Belinda learn of Emily’s plight and begin their search for Sapphire’s location, hampered by Brandon’s growing alcohol dependency.
Meanwhile, Andrew Wilmot, new leader of a rogue government faction, seeks to use Brandon for his own nefarious plans, and hunts him down. 
Brandon, Belinda, and Tyler’s quest leads to Los Angeles, where they search for the only one who knows Sapphire’s locationa former captive known only as Siren, and who may not even exist. Their quest is destined to lead to the most explosive action in the series so far.

Go! (Thriller)
By Peter Darley
Hold On! Season Two
ASIN #B00YD8497U
Price $2.99
353 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

At the end of HOLD ON! Season One, Brandon was convicted in a military Court Martial at Fort Bragg and sent to Leavenworth. It’s now two years later, and he has escaped with the help of his brother Tyler. With Brandon safe at the Aspen cabin, recovering from a gunshot, Tyler picks up Belinda Reese before the CIA can get to her. Now they must wait until Brandon has recovered enough to go in search of their sister, Emily. Meanwhile Emily has left the convent and became entangled in a white slavery outfit, where she’s to be sold to the highest bidder. Brandon, Tyler, and Belinda head for L.A. to rescue her, while the CIA is in pursuit, and closing in on them.

Brandon is still trying to control his alter ego, The Scorpion, but the beast is hard to tame. It may be best to let the beast loose, as they are up against a vicious Chinese Tong in California who kill wantonly.

Season Two continues the fast paced action as the first, also ending in a cliffhanger, to be concluded in Season Three, “Run!”, out soon. The writing is smooth and easy reading, with a good plot and characters. I was disappointed in the amount of profanity in the novel, and felt it wasn’t needed to tell a good story. But for readers looking for an action-filled novel, I can highly recommend this cliffhanger series. Just be warned, it doesn’t conclude until Season Three.

Tom Johnson

Detective Mystery Stories

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tarzan: Return To Pal-ul-don

With the African continent engulfed by World War II, John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, abandons his role as Lord of the Jungle in order to combat the spreading Nazi menace.
Flying a P-40 Tomahawk warplane, Clayton is sent on his first mission: to rescue the missing British Military Intelligence officer code-named Ilex. But the daring task plunges him into his savage past after he’s forced down in a lost land that seems hauntingly familiar.
When Tarzan of the Apes returns to the prehistoric realm called Pal-ul-don, he must revert to his most savage persona, that of Tarzan-jad-guru––Tarzan the Terrible!

Tarzan: Return To Pal-ul-don (SF/Adventure)
By Will Murray
Altus Press
ISBN #978-1618272098
Price $22.46
380 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“Back To Pal-ul-don!”

With Nazis in Africa, Tarzan joins the RAF, and as Flight Officer John Clayton, he is given an assignment to fly from England to the African continent to locate a missing British agent code-named Ilex, whose plane has crashed somewhere on the Dark Continent. Given the coordinates of the downed plane, Clayton’s P-40 Tomahawk is knocked out of the sky by a huge pteranodon when he reaches the area. On the ground he discovers an elephant he names Torn Ear, who becomes his companion is this wild valley of prehistoric creatures. Tarzan soon discovers he is in Pal-ul-don (Land of man). First coming across a tribe of turtle men, he stays with them awhile, then sets out again on his mission to find the missing secret agent, and is soon joined by Mu-bu-tan, a hairy man with tail. From this point on they are beset by a race of spider-men who carry poison darts with spider venom, and go through several captures and escapes, eventually finding Ilex also in the spider-men’s lair.  Tarzan once again becomes Tarzan the Terrible, and goes to war with the spider-men.

This was certainly an action-filled adventure, which Will Murray handles quite well. Perhaps it was about 100 pages too long, as there are a lot of repeats that weren’t needed, but the author is just satisfying the current trend for lengthy novels. I did get a kick out of Mu-bu-tan’s perfect diction, and use of words 8 and 9 letters long for a prehistoric man-thing that should have a limited vocabulary. You’d have thought he went to Harvard with Ham Brooks. There are no Nazis, which is also a shame, after all this is WWII. I thought I knew who Ilex was by page 148, but I was wrong. I will leave it at that. Whatever faults this novel may have you can contribute to it being Will Murray’s first Tarzan novel. After all, Burroughs originally put tigers in Africa. I hope the author continues writing the series. This is the first good one since Fritz Leiber’s TARZAN AND THE VALLEY OF GOLD. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson


Friday, June 26, 2015

Edgar Rice Burroughs Hardbacks

Edgar Rice Burroughs hardbacks for Trades & Wants. Now that I’ve started reading Will Murray’s new TARZAN novel, it reminded me that I have some duplicate hardbacks for trade, and I still need quite a few hardbacks in my collection. I need the following Tarzan hardbacks: AT THE EART’S CORE, THE INVINCIBLE, TRIUMPH, AND THE CITY OF GOLD, AND THE LION MAN, AND THE FORBIDDEN CITY, QUEST, THE MAGNIFICENT, AND THE MADMAN. Here are two G&D editions for trade: PELLUCIDAR (1923), THE MAD KIND (1926). Two later G&D hardbacks of Tarzan: TARZAN THE UNTAMED and TARZAN AND THE GOLDEN LION. I need other Burroughs hardbacks, but I would really like to complete my Tarzan hardbacks first.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

DOC SAVAGE: The Sinister Shadow

When millionaire Lamont Cranston and attorney Ham Brooks are kidnapped by gunmen driving a black hearse, it spells trouble for Doc Savage. Trouble with compound interest when Cranston’s personal lawyer is mysteriously murdered before he can consult with celebrated criminologist George Clarendon—who is secretly The Shadow! These strange events put the Man of Bronze and the Dark Avenger on a collision course that threatens to expose the deepest secrets of both supermen. The conflict intensifies when underworld figure Cliff Marsland is captured and shipped off to Doc’s secret Crime College! Will these legendary crimefighters join forces—or will the diabolical Funeral Director have the last laugh on Doc Savage and The Shadow?

“The Sinister Shadow” (Wild Adventures of Doc Savage)
By Kenneth Robeson (Will Murray)
ISBN #978-1618271983
Price $24.95
481 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“Two of Pulps Greatest Heroes Finally Meet In Fantastic Adventure”

It’s Fall of 1933, and Lamont Cranston receives a threat for a quarter million dollars. If he doesn’t pay, the Funeral Director will murder him. Other millionaires have already died from mysterious heart attacks. Lamont makes an appointment to see Commissioner Weston, but when work keeps the police commissioner from their appointment at the Cobalt Club, Cranston seeks out Ham Brooks, a well-known attorney and asks for a meeting with Doc Savage, but the Funeral Director has them captured as they arrive on the street of Doc’s headquarters. This brings Doc Savage into the case, while The Shadow is already preparing to protect Cranston. Now, the two powerful forces are drawn together in the case; both seek the same ends, though through different means. Doc Savage prefers to solve cases through nonviolence, while The Shadow battles gangdom with blazing automatics and a taunting laugh. Can they set their differences aside long enough to save their people, or will war break out between these giants of pulpdom?

Fans have been waiting for this team-up between The Shadow and Doc Savage for a long time, and they won’t be disappointed in THE SINISTER SHADOW. Will Murray is the rightful heir to the Doc Savage adventures, and with this team-up of pulp heroes, it proves he is the likely choice to continue The Shadow series, as well. The 1933 setting was a perfect springboard to bring the two characters together. Doc Savage had begun in early 1933, several months before this novel takes place, and The Shadow had been around since 1931, but was still a mysterious crime fighter, his identity not known. The author brings back a super villain who escaped The Shadow twice before, but will he do so again? I hope we see more new Shadow novels under the pen of Will Murray in the future. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson

Detective Mystery Stories

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Pulp Detectives

THE PULP DETECTIVES, the short story collection by Tom Johnson. For the first time, nine all-new stories starring the classic pulp heroes of the 1930s, featuring characters such as The Phantom Detective, The Black Bat, The Lone Eagle, The Masked Detective, Secret Agent X and Nightwind. Written by pulp scholar Tom Johnson, it's nearly 400 pages of excitement! Published and available from ALTUS PRESS in hardback and paperback. It is also available in Paperback on Amazon for $24.95 at