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Retirement. Publishers, thank you for the many years of reading pleasure you gave me, but all good things must come to an end. Due to failing eyesight I am forced to retire. I can no longer review your books, and any that you send will be donated to the local library, unread. Do not send any more. I can only read for a couple hours every day, and this does not allow me to finish a book in reasonable time. I will be devoting time to my own books from now on, and reading on a personal level. Books that interest me. I prefer paperbacks and hardbacks, not eBooks. My eyesight has been failing the last few years, and I cannot handle hundreds of review books any more. My books are still available for review. Anyone interested in reviewing any of them, they are found in the Link to Tom’s Books On Amazon. Contact me for pdf copies at

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Atomic Age Treasury of Pulp Action

Atomic Age Treasury of Pulp Action: (Superhero Fiction)
By Mike Hall, Bob Elinskas, and Michael Wharton
Ape Books
ISBN #978-0974139807
Price $12.95 (Paperback)
112 Pages
Rating 3-Stars

An anthology featuring Bronze Dragon by Mike Hall; The Vengeful Ghost by Mike Hall; The Only Thing We Have by Bob Elinskas; and The Waking Deep by Michael Wharton. Interior illustrations are by David Ellis. The front cover is by Chris Martinez and patterned after the old pulp magazines. Rounding out the issue is an Introduction by Buddy Scalera.
         Bronze Dragon: The Crimson Devil and American Star are discussing Crimson’s latest issue of his pulp magazine, and he’s complaining the author is making him sound to violent. American Star tells him that the publisher is just trying to sell magazines. Crimson Devil goes for answers, and discovers that there is something fishy going on with the pulp magazine bearing his name. Someone is using code to “sink ships”. This leads him to a Japanese spy, the Bronze Dragon who is planning on escaping back to Japan with secrets. Not much of a plot, sadly.
         The Vengeful Ghost: The Crimson Devil is visiting the studio where American Star is filming a new serial. The director is almost killed when a huge light falls from the rafters, and The Crimson Devil thinks he saw a ghost force the light the fall. Pushing the director aside just in time, the mystery man is now under the falling light and is about to be crushed when American Star rises in the air and catches the falling object. Now the Crimson Devil must discover who is playing the part of a ghost, and what the mystery is about.
         The Only Thing We Have…: When America captures three German spies, Germany sends their best assassin, Der Vapor, to kill them. He does kill two, but fails to kill the third. He will have to strike again, but knows he will be successful on the second attempt. However, he hasn’t taken in account the mystery man known as Fear, and Der Vapor may fail one more time.
         The Waking Deep: Clayton Duncan Blair and Lila Montgomery are in Puerto Rico to see Romulo Covus, an old enemy of The Crimson Devil. But Covus knows that it will take The Crimson Devil and American Star to defeat the evil in the ocean, and bring the fish back to the waters. The pair head out to sea where they are supposed to meet soldiers of Mu, but when they reach the rendezvous the Muites appear suffering from madness and attack. They are taken below the ocean to Mu, but something else is in control, some evil long dead is alive again.
         The four stories were fun, but really only the last two had plots and good action. The first two were minor entries. Perhaps the reason this was the only issue ever published. But with better stories it might have succeeded. Advertised as pulp, our heroes and heroine are really superheroes more adaptable to comic books, than pulp magazines. The title and cover does look like pulp, but is misleading. However, it’s a shame the series didn’t continue, I think the final half of the book shows that they were headed in the right direction. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson

Author of THE COBRA

Saturday, May 12, 2018

2018: An Uncivil War

When the United States federal government places a national ban on guns, many patriots see the new policy as an infringement upon their Second Amendment rights. Thus they not only rebel against the measure by refusing to drop off their guns at predetermined depositories, they decide to take the fight directly to the corrupt government that instituted the ban.  
Follow the adventures of Stuart MIlligan, a gun-club owner who becomes a key leader in the resistance; Terrance Crowley, a Memphis detective who ends up uncovering evidence of federal corruption; and Trent Dawg, a famous rocker who utilizes his music to prompt the public to action against the corrupt government. All three characters are veterans and have experience in waging and fighting wars, both politically and strategically.
What will happen to an internationally vulnerable nation, which has split down the middle at the seams on the topic of gun rights vs. gun control? Will the nation ever be able to recover? Which side will you take?

2018: An Uncivil War (Thriller)
By Phil Sanderson
Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN #978-1542782685
524 Pages
Price $0.99 (Kindle)
Price $31.99 (Hardback)
Price $17.99 (Paperback)
Rating 5-Stars

The 2nd Amendment, the right to own and bear firearms, is a touchy subject in America due to the many mass killings and armed robberies in our nation. The author takes us on a rollercoaster ride of corrupt officials trying to take our guns away from us, and veterans fighting to keep them. Stuart Milligan, Terrance Crowley, and Trent Dawg are leading the fight. The question is, should all weapons be taken from civilians when we know criminals will always have access to them? Is there a solution when anyone and everyone can buy them, and there is no way to predict who will use the weapon to kill? In this fiction novel based on the fight over the 2nd Amendment, the author covers every scenario.

As a twenty-year military veteran I was trained in many weapons, and carried them in the line of duty throughout my period of service and into part of my civilian life. I eventually grew tired of them, and no longer own any. But I believe the 2nd Amendment gives us the right to have them, and that right should not be taken away from us. I also believe that a more vigorous control should be kept on who can own guns; like owning an automobile, you must pass a driver’s test and have insurance on the automobile. Let’s make this mandatory also for gun owners. Not everyone needs, or should have one. Though some parts of the story is slow, reading this novel will send chills down your spine, and give you thoughts to consider on the subject. If we lose this fight, we could wake up some morning with no rights left. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson

Friday, May 11, 2018

Guest Author D. R. Perry

Guest Author D. R. Perry

D.R. Perry lives in New England, where all her books are set. Although she's not a native Rhode Islander, once up north she got so inspired she couldn't leave. A wild Northern Muse attacked. D.R. used Typing; it was Super Effective.

D.R. writes all kinds of things. Mostly, they have strange and unusual elements. Not isotopes of Strontium, but speculative fiction; stories that ask "what if?" People seem to like her books. In 2017, A Change In Crime earned a shortlist nomination for Alternate History in the Dragon Awards, a nomination for the McGrath House Indie Author Award in the Historical Fiction category, and an Imadjinn award.

She lives with her husband, daughter, and dog in the Ocean State, which is not an island and not Long Island. D.R. knows that her home state has both things, but isn't defined by them. It reminds her that she's also more than the sum of her parts.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Ming Inheritance

The Ming Inheritance (Murder Mystery)
By T. Hunt Locke
Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN #978-1482680638
358 Pages
Price $12.99 (paperback)
Price $3.99 (Kindle)
Rating 3-Stars

Sam Collins, a former Boston City police detective, is happily retired in Chiang Mai, Thailand when his world is turned upside down. Innocently helping a friend track down a colleague Sam suddenly finds himself entangled in a mystery over 600 hundred years old. From the picturesque mountains of Mae Hong Song to the seedy go-go bars of Pattaya, Sam is lured into a race against time and history

When a drug lord murders Detective Collins’ family, Sam Collins kills him vigilante-style, and is forced to retire from the Boston Police Department where he worked undercover to stop drug trafficking. Instead of retiring to Florida, where 99% of these retired police detectives seem to go, Sam goes to Thailand, and that caught my interest in the story, as I was tired of all the retired detectives in Florida and wanted to see if Thailand would work out. New York city attorney, Jon Brochstein also retires and moves to Thailand where he opens a private detective agency. He and Sam Collins are old friends. One of Jon’s local detectives is missing and Jon asks Sam to look into the case. Oddly there seems to be a buried treasure involved and people are being killed to protect the secret.

The novel is well written, but could have used an editor. The author turns this little mystery into a travelogue and history lesson of Thailand, which made me want to go back to the Florida detectives. I’m not sure how old Collins is supposed to be, but remember he’s retired from the Boston Police Department, plus he goes through several colleges for diplomas, so I’m thinking he’s no youngster; yet his description and actions make him sound young and vibrant. Big, tough, and handsome of course: all the girls want to make love to him. So there is lots of descriptive sex added to the story, giving even less space for the mystery. Plus his desire for messages throws the mystery even more into the background. Another point that upset me the author gives special names to the villains. The villains are Wayne Travers and William Attenborn; their special names are Tun Perak and Iskandar. So now we have to remember who’s who when these four names pop up. If that wasn’t bad enough we have Professor Jiriporn Chaisaen who is given the name of Ajarn Lak. Personally, I wasn’t impressed with this first Sam Collins mystery set in Thailand. I’m hoping the sequels are better. However, if you want to learn about Thailand and it’s ancient history, then I highly recommend this as a travelogue and history of the country, with a little murder on the side.

Tom Johnson

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Guest Author R. A. Maimon

Guest Author R. A. Maimon
After many years in the jewelry industry as one of the only female jewelry designers and metalsmiths in her area, Romy began working in the veterinary field and shortly thereafter fell in love with the world of animal welfare. She knew immediately that her heart belonged to the many needy animals and that she wanted to make a difference. Since that time she has been wholeheartedly devoted to the cause. Although if you ask her mother she would tell you that she began rescuing when she was just a child!

It all began in 1997 with a stray cat and her helpless three day old kittens living under a pile of trash. And then the real obsession began... She began assisting clients of the veterinary hospitals she worked for in finding homes for their pets during the days, and then stopping to feed and trap the strays in the neighborhoods on her way home. (There are many on the streets of Philadelphia as in your city.) Soon after that her interests led her to community education and volunteering to foster kittens for local rescues and shelters. She even made a room of her home dedicated to these many animals and called it the "happy room," although much of the time it should have been called the "crazy room." She found herself driving down each street staring at the side of the road for any possible movement (not good driving technique...I know) and finding sudden interest in strangers' conversations about animals and an urge to teach them when the speaker was obviously uninformed. But, alas she had good training and has always kept her opinions to herself unless asked...which can be oh, so hard! And, in between she began finding other ways to help her local shelters, helping the local animals as needed, and taking advantage of her strong veterinary and welfare knowledge and contacts to help in as many ways as possible. 

In 2006 she wrapped up a three-year journey and published a book about the animal welfare world. Not so much about the animals, but about the people who "live the life." She wanted society to know what it is really like to sacrifice yourself and your life to this cause and perhaps teach in a broader way. She realized through her first radio interview about the book that there is no such thing as a small way of making a difference...because one small step is better than no step at all. You can find information about book called "Animal Lovers" on this site if interested. Romy Maimon has published three books to date, all a labor of love and hope. Her passions are animal welfare, the arts and how the big picture of our lives really does matter no matter where we are in that life. She is usually working on multiple creative projects and plans on producing more in the near future

Since that time Romy has continued to do what she can to make a difference for this mostly unknown cause, and it has been a great and amazing adventure due to her diverse experience with all levels of the rescue world. This site is just one more small step, and hopefully with your support it will be a successful adventure for all of us... and especially the animals who count on those of us who care. She firmly believes that the people behind the cause are what matter and that working together really IS the only way to save lives.
And please take a moment to visit her other site, which is a blog dedicated to chronic illness and those who live the life such as she does.

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