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As a twenty-year Army veteran, I served on the Korean DMZ under fire, as well as in Vietnam. I have always been a voracious reader of many genres, and review books for numerous publishers. The main goal of PULP DEN is not only to showcase my books, but also to promote other writers and their books. As I turn 75 in July 2015, I need to slow down due to health problems. I will only be reviewing books by authors I know are topnotch writers, who create good plots and characters, and can spell longer words than four letters beginning with “f”. I do not join groups like Linkedin, Grouply, and Grammarly, so no invitations. I have complete runs of the major character pulps, and have read them all. I have been in pulp fandom since 1970, though a fan much longer. I publish my reviews on this Blog, Amazon, and in a print magazine. If anyone would be interested in reviewing any of my books, see the Link to Tom’s Books On Amazon. And contact me for pdf copies at

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Seething

A while back there was this outbreak, followed shortly thereafter by the recently dead seething out of morgues and hospitals. That's why the walking dead are called 'seethers'. And the disease isn't spread just by bites from these risen dead, oh no. Mosquitoes can also spread the illness, so mosquito repellent is worth its weight in gold. So, it's half-past the middle of the apocalypse, and a man sends a policeman to help his wife and three little girls. Back home with the family, it's not all roses and sunshine. The baby girl is sick, and the mom has taken her to get help, leaving the two older girls alone. Well, alone except for their brave dog, Rascal. Then, as if things couldn't possibly get worse—they do. Will the policeman escape the horde of ravening seethers and make it out of town? Does the drunk he stumbles across really know a secret? Does the mom find help for her oddly cold and unresponsive baby? And what about the two girls left alone, with only a small dog for protection? THE SEETHING. A new kind of horror….

The Seething (A Zombie Chronicle)
By J. A. Johnson & K.G. McAbee
Create Space
ISBN #978-1502756084
Price $4.99
126 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“A Zombie Apocalypse That’s Fun To Read.”

Jack Randall is in the city for medical supplies for his youngest daughter, but the streets are packed with the living dead, zombies seeking ripe flesh to eat. Before he can obtain the medicine, the zombies are upon him. But a policeman comes to his rescue, killing the dead a second time. It doesn’t help, however, as one bites Jack, turning him into a living dead also. Now the cop must kill him. Jack, before dying tells the cop to see after his wife and daughters, not knowing the secret the policeman carries.

I don’t normally read zombies, werewolves, vampires, and horror novels, but anything that K.G. McAbee writes is going to be good. Plus, I’ve read Jim Johnson’s work before also, and knew this was going to be a story with a plot, action, and good writing. I wasn’t disappointed. The story never slowed down, the zombies plodded forward always after ripe flesh, and little could stop them. I knew going into the story that there would be few, if any survive by the end, but there is always hope, even in a zombie apocalypse. Highly recommended for the horror genre, and readers who just love a well-crafted yarn.

Tom Johnson

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

EUROPA EDITIONS Noir November Giveaway

EUROPA EDITIONS is doing an exciting #NoirNovember giveaway of one of their titles, plus a limited edition 10th anniversary tote bag. I will be posting about Noir November on my Blog, PULP DEN and Yahoo Groups. To enter, just comment on my blog saying what you like about Noir Crime fiction.

EUROPA EDITIONS publishes some great books, and I’ve discovered excellent international authors and series over the years.

You’ve read my reviews, now enter to win a book.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Headhunters

Tom Christian is on the trail of revenge and a fortune in gold. As square-jawed and rugged as Clark Gable in his prime, Tom is headed deep into the jungles of the Solomon Islands to find Punjo Charlie—the ruthless criminal who killed his partner.
But these jungles are thick with danger . . . as greed, temptation and sudden violence threaten to draw Tom into the heart of darkness. There’s a pile of gold. . . . There’s a beautiful blonde. . . . And there’s a bloodthirsty tribe of headhunters who have fallen under the spell of Punjo Charlie.
The trap has been set. The question is: will Tom fall into it? Will he lose his way and lose his head . . . or will he get his revenge, get the gold and get the girl? The answer lies buried in the rain forest . . . and in Tom’s heart. And as he’s about to discover, there’s only one way out of the jungle: all-out war.

The Headhunters (Adventure)
By L. Ron Hubbard
ISBN #978-1592133582
Price $9.95
136 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“Great Action Adventure.”

Tom Christian and Lars Larsen have discovered a bed of gold in headhunter country, but it’s the rainy season in the Solomon Islands, and they can’t get the gold until it dries up. Leaving the patch hidden they return to civilization to wait for a better time. Unfortunately, Lars decides not to wait and heads out, but is waylaid by Punjo Charlie, who knows about the gold, and wants its location. Refusing to divulge the information Lars is killed. Now Tom is ready to return for the gold, and revenge for the murder of his partner, but there’s a hitch. Three whites are in the islands to study the headhunters, and one of them is a beautiful girl named Diana Forsythe. Naturally, Punjo Charlie sees that Christian is attracted to the girl, and captures their party with the help of the hill country headhunters. This forces Tom Christian to change his plans to rescue the girl and her party, even if it means falling into the clutches of Charlie.

This was another great action adventure by the master storyteller, and one that ends in a do-or-die situation, with no hope of outside rescue. Originally published in the August 1936 issue of FIVE-NOVELS Monthly. It has a great ending with a battle-royal, and death all around them, as they stand in mud and fight toe-to-toe. Wow! Highly recommended for action and adventure lovers!

Tom Johnson

Thursday, November 12, 2015


The ECHOES Award for 2015 goes to Ed Hulse. For over 12 years, Ed has edited Blood ‘n’ Thunder, the “Journal of Adventure, Mystery, and Melodrama in American Popular Culture of the Early 20th Century, which is published quarterly. He’s also author of “The Blood ‘n’ Thunder Guide to Pulp Fiction,” a wonderful reference book for anyone wanting to learn more about the pulps. Ed also publishes classic pulp reprints through his Murania Press imprint. His knowledge in the pulp field has often brought him recognition in the community.

Dead Men Rise Up Never

A man is killed on the streets of Prosperity City, stabbed through the heart by a unicorn. In the cold light of dawn, the glamour fled, the creature is just a shaggy pony with a tin-plate horn.
Detective-Inspector A. Afton Lamont and her not-quite human partner, Jerome, are handed the case and follow the trail to Avalon, a private estate owned by the last son of one of their colony world’s founding families. It’s also home to a strange community of bohemian artists, plus a controlling AI who can inhabit a variety of bodies.
In a tale of deception and illusion, of an idyllic rural paradise underpinned by technology, of dreams made flesh, can Afton and Jerome discover the murderer in a tangle of lies, secrets and outright magic?
From Author Jilly Paddock (To Die A Stranger) comes Dead Men Rise Up Never, featuring tales of mystery, magic, technology, and intrigue. Also included is a short tale revealing what these intrepid detectives do after solving a high-profile murder case, which is of course get drunk in a local bar with their colleagues from Forensics.

Dead Men Rise Up Never (SF/Fantasy)
By Jilly Paddock
Pro Se Press
ISBN #978-1515142195
182 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“Well Written With Interesting Characters.”

Theodore Dexter, a literary and artistic agent is murdered in front of witnesses. Those who saw the murder swear a unicorn killed him. Police kill the beast, and it’s sent to the morgue, where the next day a pony is discovered instead of a unicorn. Why did the witnesses claim they saw a unicorn? The investigation leads Detective-Inspector A. Afton Lamont and her partner, Jerome to a private community controlled by one of the leading families on Siobhos, where law does not have power. The master, Alexander DuQuesne, is descended from the first family who settled on the planet, and his word is law. If a murderer is hiding among his followers, the police will be blocked from making an arrest.

This was an interesting murder mystery, with a tad more fantasy and magic than science fiction, but the author is a brilliant writer, and the characters make the story a fun read. Highly recommended to both fantasy and science fiction readers, as well as anyone who enjoys a good yarn.

Tom Johnson