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Monday, May 9, 2011

White Horse 9th Division

From Jae-sung Chung, English Moderator and Webmaster of the ROK website In 1964, the 1st ROK Mash unit was deployed to Vietnam. In 1965, the ROK Army’s Capital (Tiger) Division, the 2nd ROK Marine (Blue Dragon) Brigade, the Construction Support Group and the 100th Logistic Command were deployed. In 1966, the ROK Army’s 9th (White Horse) Division, the Naval Support Group, and the Aerial Support Group were deployed. In all, over 320,000 fighting men and women joined the fight alongside their U.S. comrades.

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  1. Hey Tom Johnson,

    My dad fought in the 9th devision White Horse. Unfortunately he died last year. My dad did not talk about the Vietnam War and his experience there as I was growing up, we would watch Platoon together, and periodically he would encourage me to join the military.

    I wanted to do research in regards to my father's involvement. I was wondering if you could point in the right direction.

    Questions: You stated on the post that they were deployed on 1966, when did they go back to Korea? Were the soldiers volunteers? Was there a lot of action involved in the Nha Trang? What was this area like in regards to the war? Are there any book written on the Korean military that fought in Vietnam? How many soldiers were in each division? How many soldiers were in the White Horse division?

    I appreciate your time.

    Thank you,