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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Doc Sidhe

Olympic kickboxer Harris Greene's career has just self-destructed, and both his manager and his fiance, Gaby, have dumped him. While looking for Gaby, he interrupts a bizarre trio as they are kidnapping her, and he is hurled into another, very weird, universe. His only hope is Doc Sidhe, this Art Deco universe's greatest champion of justice.

Doc Sidhe (SF/Fantasy/Mystery)
By Aaron Allston
Price $5.99
337 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

Our world is the Grim World, the alternate world is the Fair world (where once our fairy tales came from); in this Fair world magic still exist, as do non-humans. Doctor Desmond MeqqRee runs the Sidhe Foundations, and his friends call him Doc. He designs building and bridges, and fights crime with his aides. He is the Fair world’s Doc Savage; in this case he’s Doc Sidhe.
Harris Greene is a kick boxer, trained in tae kwon do. The night he loses his latest fight his manager drops him, then his girlfriend Gaby Donohue dumps him. He gets drunk and wants to make up with her; when he sees men abducting her, he follows and attacks the men giving Gaby time to escape, and then he finds himself in an alternate world.
Gab Donohue is gifted, and Duncan Blackletter wants to study her. He needs to take her to the Fair world to do that. But then Harris Greene and his new friend, Doc shows up to rescue her again, and she ends up in the Fair world where strangely she feels at home.
         The author even gives credit to Lester Dent and Walter Gibson, two giants of the pulp universe from which he drew his characters for this book. The story was a lot of fun, with excitement on every page. Although maybe patterned after Doc Savage, Doc Sidhe was much different. He’s vulnerable, his people kill, and they die in battle; something Doc’s aides never did. But this new universe isn’t supposed to be a rip off of Doc Savage and his aides; these are great characters in their own right. But if you love the Doc Savage adventures, you’ll definitely like Doc Sidhe and his adventure in this fast-paced yarn. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson



  1. I enjoyed this one, too. There's a sequel that's also fun.

  2. Thanks, Bill. I'm reading the sequel now. I've had these books, like forever, and just now reading them (LOL). You're right, they are a lot of fun.

  3. I've heard there's a sequel, but never read it. I really enjoyed the first book, though.

  4. Yep, I'm reading the sequel now. Harris Green's kickboxing trainer, Zeb joins them in this one. I'm about 100 pages in so far, and lots of action.