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Monday, December 11, 2017

Divine Truths Revealed

A first hand account of a profound and prophetic Near Death Experience. What actually awaits every person when they leave this material world? Do heaven and hell really exist? Are they both eternal realms? How can a loving God condemn a soul to hell for all eternity? Who is the Messiah and what did He accomplish for us? Is America now being warned to repent before it's too late and God's severe judgments fall upon this once great nation? Do miscarried and aborted babies have souls? If so, where do their souls go when they leave this world? Does life truly begin at conception? Does God recognize our man made Denominations? Why did God choose Israel and the Jews? These and many more important spiritual questions are answered with unusual simplicity and clarity. 

Israel and the Jews are indeed God's very own Chosen People. They were Chosen by God to be the bearers of the Truth and begetters of the Messiah, Savior of all mankind. By way of Israel and the Jews...God has blessed the entire world as was promised to Abraham, the Patriarch.

The continued existence of the Jews through centuries of dispersal and persecution, caused by the intense hatred of their enemies, is a mute testimony and clear evidence of the existence of the One, True God of Israel. The restoration of the nation of Israel in modern times, in precise fulfillment of ancient prophecies, is sufficient evidence of the authenticity and inerrancy of the Divinely Inspired Word of God. 

Someday soon, a Jew named Jesus (Yeshua), will rule the entire world from the remote, insignificant and relatively unknown city of....Jerusalem.

Divine Truths Revealed (Biblical)
By Ariela Solsol
Wisdom Beams Publishers
ASIN # B00H5J94N8
Price $0.99 (Kindle)
101 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

In 1967, during the 6 Day War in Israel, the author experienced a near death out of body episode, in which she was taken to Heaven in spirit and shown several revelations She explains them in this book, using Biblical verses to back up her writing. Those visions included children from abortions and miscarriages, as well as children dying at birth. There is also a vision of the destruction of America. Only two nations were founded on God - Israel and America. Israel spent two thousand years as strangers in other lands. Since the founding of America, we have turned from God, and if America and the people do not repent, America will be destroyed, and we are looking at the time fast approaching.

Whether you believe in near death experiences, or the possibility of viewing Heaven in the spirit, the author’s vision of what is coming upon the world is barely touched, but frightening. I must admit when I saw her last name, it gave me some doubts, as I believe the occult used the “sol sol” as demon worship in LUCIFER RISING, but the author appears to be an honest Christian, and serious in her near death experience and visions. She also speaks of other visions she was given by God. Most of the things she writes to us are supported by Bible verses; only the visions and her spiritual travel to Heaven might be questioned. If her spirit truly did see Heaven, then this may be something not done since John was taken by spirit to write Revelations, and Paul’s encounter on the road to Damascus. And that was two thousand years ago. Highly recommended, as I do believe we are in perilous times, and as Christians we should be watching, and listening for the trumpets.

Tom Johnson

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