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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Guide

The Guide

Is your fly fishing guide willing to die for you? Stony lives for fly fishing in the wilderness. It literally saved his life. After Stony massacred an entire village in Vietnam, addiction and PTSD almost killed him. Alaska, fly-fishing, and a woman and her wolves brought him back from the brink. He made a vow to her on her deathbed to always help people, and to never kill another man. Now he has a new lover, and is finally clean. So when he takes a seemingly ideal client deep into the wilderness of Rocky Mountain National Park, he never dreams that his most sacred vow will be tested to the breaking point. He will have to save his client from a serial killer, a murderer so devious he has managed to become a respected doctor-and his client's partner. It's taken Stony thirty years to disentangle himself from psychological hell. Now, hampered by all the dangers high altitude wilderness can throw at him, Stony must risk sinking into mental hell forever by killing an evil doctor-or risk losing not only his client, but his new soul mate.

The Guide (Murder Mystery/Adventure)
By Milt Mays
Published by Author
ISBN #978-0991329717
Price $14.95
373 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“Told In Rich And Descriptive Language.”

Dr. Jake Roberts is running from life and his partner. Thinking that he is dying from a cancer caused by Dr. Roman Johnson, who has been killing other patients through cancer injection treatment, Jake doesn’t want to put his family through the horror of his death. Hiring an unsuspecting guide to take him deep into the Rocky Mountains to fish during the late Fall, he hopes to die while camped in the wilderness. However, his partner, Dr. Johnson wants to make sure he dies, and hires an unscrupulous guide to follow them, planning everyone’s death in the back country.

Jake’s guide is Stony, an ex Vietnam veteran, trying to forget the ravages of war and live a sane and peaceful life doing what he loves. He knows the Rocky Mountains and the best fishing spots, and loves to be with nature and the elements. Guiding is his passion, and he has vowed to protect his clients from injury or death. Now with a killer after them, he’s afraid he might revert back to his Vietnam days and kill again, something he promised the woman he loved that he would never do again.

This was a fascinating story set in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains during the chill of approaching winter and snow, with the threat of wolves, grizzly and black bears migrating to new hunting grounds. Add to the natural hazards, there’s a poacher and killer tracking Jake, and Stony doing his best to keep his client alive. The author lives in Colorado, and relies on his background as a doctor and his experience with treating veterans of many wars, including those that fought in Vietnam. He also has a love for fly-fishing. Highly recommended for lovers of great adventure steeped in danger and murder.

Tom Johnson

Detective Mystery Stories

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