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Retirement. Publishers, thank you for the many years of reading pleasure you gave me, but all good things must come to an end. Due to failing eyesight I am forced to retire. I can no longer review your books, and any that you send will be donated to the local library, unread. Do not send any more. I can only read for a couple hours every day, and this does not allow me to finish a book in reasonable time. I will be devoting time to my own books from now on, and reading on a personal level. Books that interest me. I prefer paperbacks and hardbacks, not eBooks. My eyesight has been failing the last few years, and I cannot handle hundreds of review books any more. My books are still available for review. Anyone interested in reviewing any of them, they are found in the Link to Tom’s Books On Amazon. Contact me for pdf copies at

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pardon Me Miss Brooks ...

Pardon Me Miss Brooks … (A Coming of Age Novel)
By Walter Lime
ISBN #978-0615891576
296 Pages
Price $8.96
Rating 5-Stars

“Superb Writing And Story Telling”

Donny is a 15-year old student with a crush on his super sexy English teacher, Miss Brooks. He goes to extreme efforts to impress her, figuring out gimmicks that always end in calamity. But he doesn’t give up, relying on his indomitable powers not to destroy the world in his goal of winning the beautiful teacher as his own true love. My favorite was the incident with the garter belt, but you will have to read the book to find out more.

This was a fun novel, and will bring back great memories for everyone reading it. Though perhaps I was a little strange since my crushes were on lady intellectuals and teachers with gray hair. I’m sure there must have been a beautiful, sexy teacher somewhere in there like Donny’s Miss Brooks. At least I was spared the many troubling set backs that befell the main character. Unlike Tom Sawyer, Donny doesn’t talk someone else into painting picket fences. He tackles whatever schemes he comes up with, always to end in his own downfall. Ah, true love does play tricks on young hearts, doesn’t it?

Whether he attempts to become a great pitcher like Sandy Koufax, a heroic fireman, or super strong like Kendall Carson, fate is bound to cause him some mischief along the way. It is that attempt that drives the story, and always at the end waits the love of his life, Miss Brooks. For readers who enjoy a coming of age tale, or merely wishes to look back at their own school days when we stared in awe at a beautiful, worldly teacher, you’ll find this novel hilarious, gripping, and moving. I must admit, the great cover by Keith Garvey is what first attracted my attention, and then the title cemented my interest in reading the book. I was always a fan of Eve Arden’s Our Miss Brooks, who also happened to be an English teacher, I believe. Highly recommended reading.

Tom Johnson
Echoes Magazine

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