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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jur Novel Reviews

What reviewers are saying about the Jur series …

There in the ancient heart of Africa, the oxygen she breathes is pure, the water clear and sweet. And the flowering plants are massive, loaded down with flavorful fruits. Towering trees, the likes of which she’s never seen, grow unhindered towards the sky, surrounded by plains of grass as far as eye can see. The only living creatures she encounters at first are those of the Jurassic Period, long extinct for eons of time. She is alone, perhaps the only human alive. She calls this ancient time and place Jur.

Pat Johnson, Mid-West Book Review

This entertaining and well-written novel brings back those good old days and is a fine example of the action/adventure genre.

D. Peter Ogden, publisher of ERBania

This is a pulp fiction type story about a man and woman’s involuntary journey one hundred eighty million years into the past, the exciting discoveries they make, and the danger and weirdness they literally run into.

AOL books Community

It’s pure action adventure of the science fiction kind. And I loved it.

Romance Review Today

I thought this type of story had died with Lin Carter and Robert Moore Williams who were among the best who wrote in the Edgar Rice Burroughs style. This work truly captures the flavor of the Pellucidar novels and has touches of John Carter and Carson Napier in their devotion to their mates and their heroic nature to fight for their beliefs against the strangest of enemies.

Baryon Magazine #89

An enjoyable read from front to back cover. The Prolog and Epilog alone are most intriguing.

Pamela Jannarone, Women On Writing

The Imagery Tom Johnson creates in the reader’s mind comes to life under his talented pen. Several times I was reminded of going to the Saturday matinee as a young girl and watching the different serials they showed in weekly installments. I would thump on my chair, whining and crying because they always cut the segments off with a cliffhanger, which most certainly guaranteed my return the next week to see if the hero or heroine could be saved from impending disaster. This is exactly how I feel while reading this author’s stories. He knows precisely when to cut you off, guaranteeing you’ll be back for more. If you are a fan of stories like Treasure Island, The Phantom, Tarzan, and the great classics, you’ll truly enjoy the Jur series.

Jaycee, Romance Review Today

Jur has proved almost hypnotic in its unyielding suspense, which will keep you reading until the wee hours of the morning. You will not forget the land of Jur or any of the people you meet there.

Barbara Custer, Author

Jur takes us back to those days of lost civilizations, ancient evil, hidden portals, sub-human tribes, and monsters in the night. Whether you read it on the beach or in front of a roaring fire – it will transport you …

Aaron B. Larson, Author

Reading this I found myself comparing this to The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle. And I noted that the writer said he was somewhat inspired by the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Savage Land of Jur is definitely written in an older style. The cast is kept very small and the tale is told from the viewpoint of one of the two characters from Earth trapped in this mystery world from the past.
Not much in this story is groundbreaking. But it was well written, well paced and a pleasant reminder of a time when writers wrote stories to amaze and entertain. There is none of the emotional angst that seems to populate recent popular fiction. Instead you have a fun story with two lovers fighting to find a way home after getting lost in a prehistoric world.
This story impressed me. I'd love to find more stories in this style. Too few authors appear to remember that the first duty of the writer is to entertain. This story was an exception and entertainment definitely came first


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