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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Jericho's Trumpet

“Rousing gunfire and espionage elevated by an indelible protagonist.” – Kirkus Review Jericho’s Trumpet is a sequel to Robert Gallant’s Satan’s Stronghold which is also an action-packed plot but of more complex threats. This narrative showcases more of what Chesney Barrett can offer to Travis Weld’s team and to the government. Chesney Barrett has finally accepted a life different from what she is used to. After accomplishing her mission of working as an undercover spy to locate the drug den and help capture the perpetrators; she has continued living from a different perspective. She has finally come to terms with deception being the norm, as what Weld has instilled in her. Chesney now shows-off her charisma as a science-fair judge in order to trace the smuggled nuclear bomb into US. While seemingly this focuses on Chesney and her undeniable talent, Weld on the other hand remains being the tough guy and works on his own with Cassidy as his partner. Weld’s impatience and desperation to get the thing done will likely put their lives at stake. Will they make it the second time around and find the smuggled bomb before it’s too late?

Jericho’s Trumpet (Action Thriller)
By Robert Gallant
Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN # 978-0578208107
Price $11.99 (Paperback)
Price Free (Kindle)
287 Pages
Rating 4-Stars

Travis Weld works for a secret government group that searches for and kills terrorist groups. They’ve just discovered sellers with two suitcase nuclear bombs from Russia. They kill the sellers, but find one bomb missing. It’s been sold to someone and they must find out who has it, and fast. One of the dead men has a daughter who is involved in a science fair, and she may know whom her father sold the second bomb to. But it will take someone with more finesse to get the information from the girl. They go to their ace in the hole, Chesney Barrett, a recent recruit into their game of death. Chesney is an athlete, an Olympic swimming champion, and a biologist, plus she’s sexy and beautiful. The story follows her as she infiltrates an ecological terrorist organization run by someone they think has the second bomb.

This was an exciting action-packed story with fresh characters that pulled me into the story from the beginning. I did find it a little far-fetched that only this one team and one lonely FBI agent is out looking for the terrorists when the whole alphabet soup agencies would have been put on the case if it was real. In fact, the FBI agent doesn’t even know there’s a nuclear bomb in the mix. The special team is the only ones who know about the nuclear suitcase. The author’s story telling is superior and the characters are topnotch, but there are so many wrong words page after page that it became a distraction. An editor or proofreader could have cleaned it up, and the author would have had a great book to present to readers. As it was, I had to knock it down to a 4-Star rating, when it should have been a 5-Star novel. Still, highly recommended.

Tom Johnson


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