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Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Spider: The Doom Legion

When a weird meteor crashes in the heart of Central Park on Halloween night, its uncanny light attracts the attention of Richard Wentworth—alias The Spider! Investigating, the millionaire criminologist encounters a maelstrom of madness in the making. Drawn, too, are two sinister figures from the past—international master criminals who join forces to harness the power of the pulsing meteorite. Alone, The Spider confronts his greatest challenge, but he is not alone this time. For the unholy power of the meteorite draws James Christopher, alias Operator 5, and another government agent from the past, known only as G-8…. Together, this heroic trio must battle a pair of powerful adversaries intent on harnessing and unleashing the malevolent power of the Green Meteorite. But how can they work together when one of them is branded an outlaw?

The Spider: The Doom Legion (Pulp Fiction)
By Will Murray
ISBN #978-1618273550
Price $24.95 (Paperback)
360 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“Author Scores Another Hit”

A month after Machines-guns Over The White House, and almost twenty years after WWI, Herr Stahlmaske and Count Carmine Calypsa show up at a Halloween costume ball where Richard Wentworth and Nita Van Sloan are in attendance. Stahlmaske is after his old helmet from WWI, while Calypsa wants to kill Police Commissioner Stanley Kirkpatrick. Neither villain is aware of each other yet. Before anything can happen a green radioactive meteorite crashes into Central Park and starts turning people into zombies. Calypsa and Stahlmaske join forces and use the terror caused by the zombies for their own purposes.

Jimmy Christopher, Secret Service Operator 5, is assigned to the case, while Diane Elliot covers the situation for her paper. Z-7 is also present. Captain George Gate, better known as the WWI Master Spy G-8, is assigned by G-2 out of Mitchell Field. Alas, poor G-8. Twenty years after WWI he is still a captain in the Army Air Corps. I would think he should be a general by now, or at least a colonel, but he remains a lowly captain in G-2. Ronald Jackson and Ram Singh are also present, but this story revolves around The Spider, Operator 5, and G-8, as they battle Stahlmaske and Calypsa.

Typical of The Spider series, New York is devastated with thousands killed as the zombies turn others into the mindless dead. Buildings are burnt to the ground; police must kill police, as they become walking dead men. In the meantime no one can get close to the green meteorite without turning into a zombie, so it remains in Central Park pulsing out its deadly rays. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson


  1. Hugh North remained a Captain of G-2 from 1930 until after WWII, so G-8 is not alone.

  2. Hugh North was an interesting series, lasting for over thirty years, in which he doesn't age but about ten years. He does reach the rank of colonel during those years, too. I've enjoyed all the North books I've read.