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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sinbad And The Serpent King

Sinbad, tired and weak from another voyage, loses his way from the desert to the terrifying realm of the Jinn. Little does he know that help will come from Zian Ur, the last of the Nagans who prides himself as the Serpent King.

Sinbad And The Serpent King (Fantasy)
By Brian Barr
Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN # 978-1548423360
Price $6.00 (paperback)
24 Pages
Rating 4-Stars

Sinbad is wondering through the desert, almost dead. We don’t learn why he is here, but when he falls exhausted, he believes he’s about to die. Instead he awakes in the hands of a magician and his army of the dead. He’s completely under their control through a drug he’s given. The next time he awakes he’s in a cave with a green reptile man who claims to be ruler of the world, The Serpent King – Zian Axakil Din’amu Ur. He warns Sinbad that shadow demons surround them, and soon they are in a battle. Although we don’t get the full details, it appears the magician is intent on capturing the Serpent King through Sinbad, and after the battle, when the reptile man is weak the magician calls Sinbad back from the other dimension.

This was a fun read, with an interesting plot. Unfortunately, the story was too short to fully explain some things, and would have worked better if extended into a longer piece. However, it certainly held my interest, and I can highly recommend it to fantasy fans.

Tom Johnson



  1. Too bad it's not available for Kindle. Sound interesting. Always liked the old Sinbad tales and movies. :)

  2. I believe it is available on Kindle. Check Amazon.

  3. Had not heard of this title. Thanks for the review.

    For those who like the Sinbad films with Ray H.'s stop motion effects, Airship-27 has published several volumes about Sinbad and the international crew of the Blue Nymph. (Viking warrior, Frank archer, & female samurai with magic sword) All are available on Amazon, with some, maybe all by now, also as audio-books.

    For volume 2 I had great fun writing "A Detour for Sinbad."

  4. Thanks, Robert. I'm always open for reviews, but I really prefer print copies now. I will take the occasional electronic copy when paperbacks aren't available, however. I think I'll watch the Sinbad movie this evening, in fact. Loved those Ray H. stop motion films.