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Saturday, July 16, 2016

End light Dawning 2012

Endlight Dawning 2012 continues the Endlight Event saga from its interruption on December 21, 2012 by an extraterrestrial intervention. A large underground colony of survivalists in Carlbad Caverns has experienced an extinction level event (ELE) eclipse of the sun on Earth. Messages received from the extraterrestrial intelligence begin to support Mayan predictions. They are trying to tell us something. As the scientists in the caverns slowly decode the messages, their knowledge of time, space and dimensions are put to the limits. Everything is not as it seems. Earth is changing. A new world is dawning.

Endlight Dawning 2012 (SF Thriller)
By John P. Cater
Daily Swan Publishing
ISBN # 978-0982976951
212 Pages
Price $14.95
Rating 5-Stars

“Great Sequel”

At the end of ENDLIGHT EVENT, the survivors crowding in the Carlsbad Caverns come out to view a scene in the sky of bright objects forming a cross that brings life-saving light and heat to a frozen planet. Readers will recall that in the first novel a dense cloud from space blocks out the suns rays from the world, dropping temperatures too cold for survival. Billionaire Jackson Morrow built a city within the Carlsbad Caverns and brought selected people to survive the event until the cloud had passed out of Earth’s path. Not everything had gone as planned.

In this sequel, ENDLIGHT DAWNING, the survivors are still trying to cope with the situation. Dr. Galley Pruitt believes there is a message within the lights of the cross bringing their salvation, and attempts to decipher the code. Bringing a super computer system from Los Alamos, New Mexico to the Caverns, it’s connected to their original system, and now they are faced with an even larger situation, a computer that thinks it’s God. Can the survivors trust it, or even pull the plug on it now that it is alive?

At first it was believed that aliens had came to their rescue, creating artificial suns to bring light and heat to the world in the form of a bright cross in the sky. Now, they think it might be another dimension, but who are the strange beings seen as nine-foot pillars as in a dream? What are they really, alien or monster, savior or conqueror? This was another fascinating story that brings the Endlight stories to an end. It is a character driven novel with science and technology that could either be a benefactor and curse, and it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat as each page brings another twist to an all ready complicated plot. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson


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