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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pickup At Union Station

On a rainy night in Denver, cab driver Murph picks up a shady character at Union Station. His name is Zelner and he's worried that the police might be following him. When Murph reaches his passenger's destination, Zelner is dead. Now it's not just the police who are interested. Murph, who never wants to get involved in the lives-or deaths-of his fares, is about to be swept up in international intrigue. This is the seventh novel in The Asphalt Warrior series by the late Gary Reilly.

Pickup At Union Station (Literary Mystery)
By Gary Reilly
Running Meter Press
ISBN #978-0990866619
Price $16.96
251 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“A Taxi Ride Into Espionage”

Rocky Mountain cab driver, Brandon Murphy just wants to reach his quota and go home. He doesn’t drive a taxi to become rich, he leaves that to the best seller he’s going to write. Driving a cab in Denver is just to exist until the publishers discover him. Then on a rainy night, his world comes crashing down. Picking up a mysterious passenger at Union Station, he delivers him to his destination, only to discover he has a dead man in the back seat. He does everything right, and the police find out that the man simply had a heart attack, so Murph is in the clear. Then strangers come into his life, and Murph is thrown into international intrigue of spy versus counter spy, and a sinister plot is unraveled.

This was the 7th novel in the Asphalt Warrior series about Denver cab driver, Brandon Murphy. It also shows that the author was capable of writing real men’s action novels, which he loved to read. This novel could easily have been written as a spy thriller from the 1960s. We have mysterious foreign spies after some deadly secret, plus the beautiful femme fatale, who might be on either side: a mysterious US Government agency, guns, and a hidden base where citizens can be secreted away for interrogation purposes, and manipulation. So fans of The Asphalt Warrior, or just the writing of Gary Reilly, you will enjoy PICKUP AT UNION STATION also as a taxi ride into espionage. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson

Detective Mystery Story

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