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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Emperor's Gambit

CODE NAME: The Emperor. Head of a secret network of agents, he fights evil wherever it may arise. Able to pass unsuspected through any security or fortification, he has outwitted and out-fought the cleverest and most deadly enemies. The Emperor’s exploits put those of Doc Savage, The Shadow, Batman, James Bond, and even those two guys from UNCLE to shame. Includes four amazing adventures of The Emperor and his able corps of agents versus international criminals, foreign terrorists, space aliens, and a madman with the gloves that Thor used to wield Mjolnir, his magic hammer! THE UNDERGROUND PULP AND COMIC SENSATION! For forty years, Charles Lee Jackson II has been producing a body of work unprecedented in the annals of pulp magazines and comics. He has garnered a fanatic body of followers and admirers - but his work has never been made available to a mass audience before! Begin the adventure here, with the first volume of stories featuring Jackson's legendary cliffhanger hero, in his fight against the forces of evil.

The Emperor’s Gambit (Cliffhanger Action Thriller)
By Charles Lee Jackson 11
Dearstalker Editions
ISBN #978-148448715
182 Pages
Price $8.99
Rating 5-Stars

“Rare Humor For Action Novels.”

The Emperor’s Gambit contains four novelettes: The Emperor Crosses The Deadline; The Emperor In London; The Emperor Runs The Gauntlet; and The Emperor Takes The Air.

In The Emperor Crosses The Deadline aliens from a far galaxy are here in flying saucers, and they set communication blocks all over the world. The Russians still have Morning Star in operation, a nuclear missile facility that must receive certain broadcasts on a regular basis, or the operators will assume that Russia has been taken out, and automatically launch a strike against America. The Emperor and his fighting team must stop the aliens and resume all radio contact worldwide before it’s too late.

The Emperor In London is the second novelette. While in London The Emperor and his team are looking for The Steel Skull, who appears to be up to no good. It turns out that this personage is actually an alien agent planning to poison London’s water supply. The Emperor joins Gayla Knight, an Enforcer for Continent-Eight (the Bad Guys), and she leads him into a trap by the invaders. Meanwhile, The Emperor’s team is following another man, who turns out to be a disguised good alien from another planet who are after the Thuleans (Bad Aliens). Naturally, it ends well, and the evil aliens are defeated once again.

In The Emperor Runs The Gauntlet we get away from aliens for a while. Supposedly, the Museum of Natural History holds the Mjolnir, the Gloves of Thor, which contains great magic powers, as it controlled Thor’s mighty Hammer. Singh McGurk Roberts hires Howard Medicle Group – a murder-for-hire organization – to kill The Emperor before he puts his own plans into operation. While assassins try to kill The Emperor, Singh steals the Gloves of Thor and kills a professor that did him wrong. But now The Emperor is onto him, and the final battle is pretty equal, since the magic of The Emperor must go up against the magic of Mjolnir.

In the final story, The Emperor Takes The Air, a missile crashes in the water around San Francisco and The Emperor first thinks it has something to do with Thuleans, but breaking into one of their hideouts he discovers they’re not involved. Figuring the trajectory, he and Shanghai Lil follow the trail to Black Rock, Nevada, where they find a missile silo and a team plotting to discredit America with crashes of missiles in large cities, killing thousands of people. Naturally, they weren’t expecting The Emperor to discover them.

Done like the old Saturday Matinee cliffhangers, most chapters end with someone in dire threats of bodily harm. A lot of humor, and the best I can describe it is similar to Underdog or Crusader Rabbit. The author doesn’t want us to take these stories seriously. Remember Crusader Rabbit, when he would get in trouble and need to escape? We had a plastic sheet we placed over the TV screen, and would draw a bridge, or rope, or whatever CR needed to escape. Well, that’s kind of like what we have here. The Emperor has all these abilities, which include a little magic. For instance, hanging onto one of the flying saucers in the first story, an alien breaks part of the ship he’s holding onto, and The Emperor falls – from above the clouds, to land safely on the ground. He’s also impervious to deadly ray guns and bullets, and everything else. So maybe we shouldn’t be so serious about our pulp and comic book heroes, either. A lot of fun, if you can

Tom Johnson

Author of Worlds of Tomorrow

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