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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Mysteries of Soldiers Grove

The Mysteries of Soldiers Grove (Mystery)
By Paul Zimmer
ISBN #978-579623885
The Permanent Press
Price $28.00
192 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“A Good Story, And Excellent Writing.”

The small town of Soldiers Grove is a sleepy little village in Wisconsin, with a population under 1000. The setting is a Rest Home, with the usual variety of elderly patrons. Our main characters are Cyril Solverson and Louise, both 79, who walk with the help of canes. Cyril was a child of alcoholic parents. He never married or knew a girlfriend, and his only enjoyment was reading biographies. He enjoyed telling life stories to anyone who would listen. Louise was a French war bride, marrying a young, blond-headed American soldier named Heath after the war in Europe, and returning to the farm in Wisconsin with him. After his death, she was left alone. She had been alone, except for Heath, being a foreign wife there was no one she could be close to. Now the two are thrust into each other’s lives at the Rest Home, to live out their final days. It all changes one day when Cyril is abducted and carried off by a ruffian, to be thrown out five miles from town in a blizzard and zero temperature. When he’s found, he’s lost two toes, some fingers, and a nose with frostbite. After his hospital stay he meets Louise and they become close, but the ruffian hears of Cyril’s sudden coming into money, and returns to take it from him.

Although considered a mystery, this is truly a literary romance. Yes, though it does have danger, adventure, and a bit of terror in it, it is in fact a literary romance. With poetry, song, and dance. Cyril and Louise fall in love, and it is their story. This is the story of an old couple, facing their final years, falling in love while holding to each other during a time of need in their lives. And in the shadows is a human monster lurking in the background. Maybe there isn’t much mystery, but readers will find Cyril and Louise pulling at their heartstrings. Highly recommended for lovers of a good story, and excellent writing.

Tom Johnson

Detective Mystery Stories

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