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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Silver Manticore

The Sting of The Silver Manticore (Heroic Fantasy)
By P.J. Lozito
Pro Se Press
ISBN #978-1475251081
304 Pages
Price $10.80
Rating 4-Stars

“He Haunts The Most Dangerous Prey!”

The Silver Manticore is a combination of The Green Hornet, The Shadow, The Coperhead, and maybe a few other heroes from pulp, radio, comic books, and serials.  In “The Sting of The Silver Manticore”, the author’s first novel, our hero is pitted against Hanoi Tsin and Siam Khan (Dr. Fu Manchu & Shiwan Khan). There is a lot of action, mixed with an equal amount of dialogue, and sometimes a bit of confusion. The author gives homage to just about every fictional character in literature, from Captain Nemo to Doc Savage and Secret Agent X, and many more.

Overall, this was an interesting work, and nicely written for a first novel. Although the homage to all the old characters was cute, the reader spends too much time trying to figure out who is supposed to be whom in this play – however, perhaps that was the intent of the author. Still, I would have preferred to see less homage to other characters, and the author’s own creativity with brand new characters.

There was some minor editing problems, but nothing serious, and the cover was quite beautiful. I expect to see the author settle down now that his first novel is out, and give us a truly stand up novel featuring this new pulp hero without all the clones.

Check this author out!

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