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Monday, January 23, 2012

Master of Madness

Coming soon from Altus Press, Steve Payne's original Secret Agent X novel, first published in serial format in DOUBLE DANGER TALES #1, 2 & 3 (February, March, and April 1997). "Master of Madness" was the first Secret Agent X novel in fifty years, quickly followed by two more exciting novels by Steve of the Man of A Thousand Faces. Altus Press previously published one of his other "X" novels, and plans are for the third one to follow later.

Steve is a fan of both G.T. Fleming-Roberts, and of Secret Agent X, and is an expert on the pulp character. He is hard at work on new adventures of "X", and I expect we will see some high adventures of this exciting character return soon.


  1. Howdy, howdy, everybody!

    Thanks, Tom, for the kind words and the plug about the novel MASTER OF MADNESS. This is a novel that I really enjoyed writing, many moons ago. I intended it, like most of Fleming-Roberts' X fictions, to reveal more about Agent X's mysterious past. There's a "big reveal" of sorts in it, a la the earlier CITY OF MADNESS (no relation to my story, incidentally). And there's a lot of hard-driving action and detection, besides. There's even some Walter Gibson inspired misdirection. So if the pulp readers like Agent X, they should snatch a copy of MASTER OF MADNESS.

    Right now, I'm hard at work on my fourth Secret Agent X novel, THE RESURRECTION RING, which will reveal some new facts about Agent X's mysterious origin. Oh, and I have a whole slew of additional novels featuring X, planned for the future. Here are some of them:

    Disciples of the Devil Master

    Jaws of the Jade Dragon

    The Bronze Serpent's Sting

    Empire of Evil--a teamup with X and a certain, eh, adventurer. This is intended as a direct sequel to the final X novel, Yoke of the Crimson Coterie, as the said adventurer and the man of a thousand faces square off against the Master.

    Terror's Tides

    Peril of the Parallel Man--a cold war story (one of three I've planned) about a strange man who appears in 1950 New York, claiming, openly, that he prevented a Soviet A-Bomb on the US, that he is married to a certain Herald reporter, and that he is. . . Secret Agent X.

    Son of the Red Reign--another Cold War tale about an unstoppable super agent who comes to America to steal military secrets.

    Three Glowing Gods--another Cold War story with a strong science fiction-menace angle. People think that THE GOLDEN BARRIER was Fleming-Roberts' only straight sci-fi yarn. And that's true--sort of. But many of X's contain strong science fiction elements, and Captain Zero's main premise is pretty science-fictiony, too.

    Ok (or "okeh," as Roberts wrote). That's enough for now. Be on the lookout for MASTER OF MADNESS and the return of the REAL Secret Agent X!

    Steve Payne

  2. Wow, great news Steve! Hey, remember, I'm almost 72 years old, buddy, so get busy, huh! I haven't read a real Secret Agent X since your trio of stories in the '90s!