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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Attack of The Flying Spiders

Attack of The Flying Spiders (SF/Horror)
By Charlie Meadows
ISBN #None
Atomic Publishing
170 Pages
Price $5.99
Size: 3.5 x 5 Paperback
Rating 5 Stars

Wonderfully Fun!

Before reading this book, I let my mind wander back to the 1950s. It’s a Friday night in 1957, and I’m 17 years old. I pick up my high school sweetheart in my hotrod ’47 Ford coupe and head for the edge of town. The Drive-In is a dollar a car load, but it’s just the two of us. Finding an empty space, I park and turn the speaker on at the post, then put my arm around her as the movie begins to play on the big screen up front. As I turn my head to kiss her, my girl’s eyes get big as saucers, then she screams …

Inside a secret laboratory in the New Mexico desert in 1957, something very terrible has gone wrong. A scientist and his beautiful lab technician are suddenly menaced by an experiment out of control. Breeding a species of giant flying spiders for military use, the beasts have somehow escaped their cages. There is nothing that can stop them, and soon the monsters leave the facility and head for the nearby town, where they begin a campaign of terror; their fangs dripping venom as they spin a cocoon of black web around everything. The creatures were bred for warfare. The scientist was breeding them as weapons against an enemy, but their weapon was turning on their creators.

This short novel took me back to the 1950s, when I was a teenager, taking dates to the drive-in theaters, and watching those wonderful old B-sci-fi movies with giant spiders, insects, and reptiles. I could imagine this story playing out on the screen while I was trying to steal a kiss from my date. The author captures that period perfectly as he weaves a wonderfully scary tale to frighten your date. And like those old movies that entertained us for a few hours, this book was impossible to put down until the last page!

Tom Johnson, Editor
Fading Shadows


  1. Sounds like a fun book! Love me some Fifties Giant Insect Fear Films!

  2. Those were the days (or nights at the Drive-Ins). What great fun. Yeah, cheesy, but we didn't care. Our dates were impressed (g).