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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bob Larkin

Founders: Courtney Rogers • Scotty Phillips




Online Gallery of Acclaimed Artist’s Work Debuts

BOB LARKIN has provided cover artwork for every major U.S. book-publishing house, from Ace Books and Simon & Schuster to Random House and Penguin; movie posters for Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, and New Line Cinema; and comic book covers for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Warren Publishing, and now Boom! Studios. Renowned for his work as successor to legendary painter James Bama’s cover artistry for Bantam Books’ Doc Savage pulp series, Larkin’s talents have been acclaimed by colleagues and art fans around the world.

Now, those fans can find his work on display at the Web site “Bob Larkin: The Illustrated Man.” Launched on January 6, 2012 by longtime fans Scotty Phillips and Courtney Rogers, the site displays the book, comic, and magazine covers, movie posters, and toy packaging art that has inspired a generation of artists.

“Why a Bob Larkin blog?” asked Rogers. “Three reasons: First, because Bob’s prodigious amount of artistic output deserves to be collected all in one place, to enable fans and art lovers to go to one source and see an incredible amount of varied material. Second, Bob's talent is simply amazing; his work is deserving of being shared and marveled at. And third—and probably most important—because Bob is just the greatest person around and he deserves the attention and accolades.”

For more information, please visit

“Larkin’s magazine and paperback covers are both legendary and iconic. There are few pop culture touchstones which this artist hasn’t depicted with his unique and powerful style of illustration.”
Bud’s Art Books

“Long before Alex Ross, Bob Larkin became the first major painter to be known for superhero covers, thanks to his work on Marvel’s magazine covers.”

“Throughout the ’70s and ’80s, if you saw Bob Larkin’s name on the cover to a magazine or comic, you simply had to have it…. This is a guy that’s never truly received the credit for being one of the best all-time cover artists.”
Shotgun Reviews

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