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Friday, April 12, 2019

Writers of The Future

Let your imagination run wild.
If you’re ready to travel to a universe of mystery, sacrifice, and suspense, where the laws of physics are optional, book your journey here.
On this odyssey of enchantment, enlightenment, and endless possibility, you will meet a murderer who’s out to save mankind, a cyborg who robs the dead to rescue the living, and a lost boy who holds the key to peace. Discover visions of the world, of mankind, and of the future that are sure to open your eyes.
Every illustration will touch you.
Every word will move you.
Every idea will take you by surprise.
Just imagine.
Bonus: Learn how to write or improve your craft with tips from award-winning and bestselling author and editor Mike Resnick and New York Times bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard. Internationally renowned artist, Rob Prior, shares tips of the trade for aspiring illustrators.
“It’s one of the forces that keep science fiction alive.”Orson Scott Card
The 35th collection of winners of the Writers and Illustrators of the Future competition features expertly crafted stories and art, spanning the gamut from hard core sci-fi to epic fantasy. 12 stories so fresh and new, they're 5–10 years ahead of the curve—the future is literally here and now.
Each year, the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests’ blue-ribbon judges search the world to discover and introduce to you the very best new talent in sci-fi and fantasy.
Created by L. Ron Hubbard, whose commitment to help new writers and artists gave rise to the annual Writers of the Future anthologies—a launching pad for writers and artists who are sure to command our attention for decades to come.
The 24 award-winning sci-fi and fantasy authors and illustrators are accompanied by New York Times bestselling authors L. Ron Hubbard, Rebecca Moesta, Mike Resnick, Dean Wesley Smith, and world-class artists Rob Prior and Echo Chernik and edited by David Farland.

Writers of The Future Vol 35 (SF Anthology)
Various Authors & Artists
Galaxy Press
ISBN #978-1619866041
Price $11.72 (Paperback)
Price $9.49 (Kindle)
428 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“The Annual L. Ron Hubbard Contest Winners”

Volume 35 continues the annual winners in the SF short story contests presented by the Galaxy Press L. Ron Hubbard folks, and this year is just as fascinating as previous years. Featuring this year’s 12 best international tales, as well as illustrated by the best international illustrators. Includes three short stories by professional authors L. Ron Hubbard, Dean Wesley Smith, and Rebecca Moesta. With essays on writing and illustrating by L. Ron Hubbard, Mike Resnick, and Rob Prior.

The winning stories this year are Untrained Luck by Elise Stephens, and illustrated by Aliya Chen; The First Warden by Kai Wolden, and illustrated by Alexander Gustafson; The Damned Voyage by John Haas, and illustrated by Allen Morris; Thanatos Drive by Andrew Dykstal, and illustrated by Qianjiao Ma; A Harvest of Astronauts by Kyle Kirrin, and illustrated by Sam Kemp; Super Duper Moongirl And The Amazing Moon Dawdler by Wulf Moon, and illustrated by Alice Wang; Are You The Life Of The Party? by Mica Scotti kole, and illustrated by Josh Pemberton; Release From Service by Rustin Lovewell, and illustrated by Emerson Rabbitt; Dark Equations Of The Heart by David Cleden, and illustrated by Vytautas Vasiliauskas; An Itch by Christopher Baker, and illustrated by Jennifer Ober; Dirt Road Magic by Carrie Callahan, and illustrated by Yingying Jiang; A Certain Slant Of Light by Preston Dennett, and illustrated by Christine Rhee.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote The Idealist, which was illustrated by Brian C. Hailes, Plus, he also wrote Tomorrow’s Miracles. Dean Wesley Smith wrote Lost Robot, inspired by Bob Eggleton’s One of Our Robots Is Missing, used as the cover of this issue. Rebecca Moesta wrote The Yellow Submarine, which was illustrated by David Furnal. Mike Resnick wrote Tips For Embryonic Pros, and David Forland wrote the Introduction. The illustrations appear in both color at the front of the book, as well as b&w with the stories.

Only the best stories and illustrations were selected for this anthology, and each is rated in the overall final 5-Stars for their unique and exciting tales, in visual and words. I enjoyed the whole book, so will not pick any favorites. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson


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