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Monday, April 8, 2019

The Armageddon Virus

The Armageddon Virus is the third installment to his action-packed, thriller series. Travis Weld and Chesney Barrett’s tandem is taken to a whole new level where Chesney tries to stop the alleged illegal transaction involving a potentially deadly virus. Let’s take a walk to memory lane – viruses were one of the major causes of death of our ancestors. A single virus can damage an entire community; if there’s no known cure. Weld in a pursuit of terrorists, intercepted a phone message from an anonymous sender trying to sell a deadly virus to a weapon dealer. This leaves them with an intense pursuit of who this person is and what this deadly virus being sold is. Chesney, who has become Weld’s first contact in missions like this, found herself leading towards a virology research company. As she tries to explore virology in this industry; she has noted wary deaths, and met various virologists. During her stay, her keen self found out about the long time feud going on inside the premises, which she purported to be the key in resolving the case. The closer she gets to the answers, the closer she is to danger. Imagine a single virus that can endanger not only one or two lives, but millions. Find out if this tandem can stop destruction to mankind or will they succumb to this virus.

The Armageddon Virus (Thriller)
By Robert W. Gallant
Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN #978-0578208114
Price $11.99 (Paperback)
Price $3.99 (Kindle)
322 Pages
Rating 4-Stars

“A Page Turner”

Travis Weld brings Chesney Barrett in on another case, this time involving the illegal sale of a deadly virus. Weld commands a team of special agents who track down and kill terrorists and drug dealers.  His motto is no criminal walks away alive. A few years in the past there was a hotel in Houston, Texas that experienced a mysterious virus that left 27 people dead out of over 400 who were at the hotel. The low death rate did not send any signals up, but it was investigated. Weld hears coded messages coming through an illegal weapons dealer that a deadly Armageddon virus is for sale, and when two of the investigators of the hotel virus are murdered, he wants someone to infiltrate the bio lab that handled the investigation. Giving Chesney Barrett a cover story as a newspaper reporter, she’s sent to interview the virologists at the bio lab in Texas. With Virologists, Dr. Martin Giles, they uncover a mysterious person wearing a coat in an elevator that may have been the origin of the virus, and this leads them to Kentucky and mines that have been shut down, and talk of a mysterious ghost who is righting wrongs. The virus is biding its time, preparing to become the dreaded Doomsday virus, which will eventually kill the other 400 people from the hotel and everyone they have come into contact with.

This is the third novel by the author that follows Chesney Barrett and Travis Weld in a topnotch page-turner. Using a similar plot to Jericho’s Trumpet, only this time a deadly virus instead of nuclear bombs, both novels were exciting page-turners. This is also a 5-star read, except for problems with the text. A proofreader would have helped. There weren’t too many wrong words, but a few that could have been corrected. My main problem was multiple voices in the same paragraph. Some of this looked like formatting problems, but others appeared intentional. For such a great read, the author should have insured no problem with the text and formatting. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson


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