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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Mystery At Dead Broke Ranch

Can a woman with permanence and family stamped on her forehead find the courage to love a footloose, but irresistible, murder suspect?
THE DREAM: After Ashley Sinclair’s grandfather is murdered, she dreams about converting the old Victorian ranch house she inherited into a haven for her younger siblings; twin sisters, and a brother recently paralyzed in a football accident. Because they were raised in different foster homes, Ashley fears they will reject her love. Other fears haunt her. Because her charming, handsome father abandoned her, she distrusts men. And she’s guilt-driven for not having kept her family together.
THE SUSPECT: Stone Hunter Price goes undercover to work for Ashley as he tries to clear himself of evidence that he killed her grandfather. A vengeful lawman vows to convict Stone. His own family believes Stone is a murderer. Alone and without funds, he’s estranged from his family. 
THE TIMING: The lawman is minutes from convicting Stone. The murderer is seconds behind Ashley. When the clock strikes, who will win? 

Mystery At Dead Broke Ranch (Cozy Mystery/Christian)
By Anne Greene
Winged Publication
ISBN #978-1946939425
208 Pages
Price $8.37 (Paperback)
Price $2.99 (Kindle)
Rating 5-Stars

Ashley Sinclair inherits the Dead Broke Ranch in McKinney, Texas, after her grandfather is murdered. Ashley and her siblings had been raised in Foster Homes after their parents left them, and now Ashley, a physical therapist, has found her brother and twin sisters, and wants to take care of them on the ranch. However, her brother, Zach, is in a wheelchair and the ranch is in bad need of repair. If she can’t get the house fixed for her handicapped brother, he will be forced back into a Foster Home. Advertising for a handyman, she doesn’t know that Stone Price is the suspect in her grandfather’s murder when she hires him. But Stone is innocent, and wants the job to find the real killer. The police are about to arrest Stone, and the real killer is aiming for Ashley. Has God thrown these two people together just to break them apart again, or will Ashley discover the real killer in time?

This was another fine yarn from Christian author, Anne Greene, with a nice murder mystery to add to the romantic plot. Highly recommended.

Ginger Johnson

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