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Monday, June 26, 2017

Scions of Change

As Raena's and Jason's training with the TSS nears completion, the return of the Aesir is imminent. Whether the Aesir are adversaries or allies will be put to the test as the final pieces of the Sietinens' plan to bring down the Priesthood fall into place. Facing an unstable political landscape and with the future of telekinetic abilities among the Taran people on the line, Wil and his family must wage one final war to correct past injustices and usher Tarans into a new era of peace.

Scions of Change is the seventh installment in the Cadicle series. This novel brings together the final pieces for the High Dynasties to attempt an overthrow of the Priesthood and restore equity in the Taran worlds.

Scions of Change (SF)
“Book 7 in the Cadicle Series”
By Amy DuBoff
Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN #978-1548119324
Price $13.99
350 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“The Long Awaited Conclusion Is Here”

The children of the Cadicle, Raena and Jason are finally put into position to help bring the reign of the Priesthood to an end. Raena has been moved to Sietinens’ High Dynasty to take her place as future heir, while Jason is moved in position to train teams for telekinetic warfare. Ryan, the heir to the Dainetris Dynasty is groomed to ascend to his place. With the other five High Dynasties in the wing, they must be brought on board before an all out attack can be launched against the Priesthood, and even then it may not be possible without help from the Aesir.

The seven Dynasties are brought together for this final volume: Joining the Sietinen and Dainetris Dynasties are Vaenetri, Talsari, Baellas, Makaris, and Monsari Dynasties. Wil discovers that both the Priesthood and Aesir want something on the other side of a rip in the fabric in the Rift, which could be a hole into another dimension. The rip is acting like the mythical Sirens, calling the unwary to approach its sweet call. Will it give them godhood or destruction? Wil intends to keep that from happening, for he’s tasted the call also, and knows its danger.

Although I enjoyed all the volumes in this fantastic world building science fiction yarn, I think this seventh volume is the best in the series. Basically, each story was a similar plot, the Priesthood moving children of the Sietinen Dynasty towards the birth of the Cadicle, Wil Sietinen, who was to destroy the Bakzen, but it doesn’t end there; it must now follow the Cadicle’s children for more plans of the Priesthood and Aesir. However, they had not counted on the fighting spirit of the Sietinen children or their powerful telekinetic abilities. Highly Recommended.

Tom Johnson

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