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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Endlight Event

It's the end of time predicted by the Mayan Calendar. The year is 2012. Nobody expects the ancient prophecies to be real, yet they occur as sure as nightfall precedes darkness. Scientists, Mesoamerican anthropologists and theologians quibble over the ultimate meaning of the cosmic event as it comes full force into our world, crippling everything around it. The Earths surface plunges to cryogenic temperatures while deep inside Carlsbad Caverns, an eccentric billionaire has plans to save all of earth’s life forms. Conditions deteriorate leaving the underground colony in peril. As internal chaos overtakes the doomed survival plan, a benevolent entity appears on the horizon. Will we survive the Endlight Event.

The Endlight Event (SF Thriller)
By John P. Cater
Dailey Swan Publishing
ISBN #978-0981584508
Price $14.95
346 Pages
Rating 5-stars

“An Interesting Look At How Life May End.”

Astronomer Galileo Pruitt discovers a dense cloud in space on a direct course with Earth, and estimates it’s arrival will coincide with the Mayan’s December 2012 prediction of the end of days. The cloud will come between the Earth and our sun, blocking light for a period of four years, and dropping temperatures to several hundred degrees below zero, causing an extinction extinction event (ELE), and bring in a new Ice Age.  With the approaching calamity, the government prepares for a few key government officials to survive in the bunker beneath Sheyenne Mountain, while others flee to caves with little hope of surviving even the initial months. Billionaire Jackson Morrow has bigger plans. He is gathering top scientists and important men in their fields – doctors, biologists, and people with the no-how to rebuild mankind after the coming extinction. An underground Noah’s Ark of sorts, as he is bringing animals of every species along with the human population to the Carlsbad Caverns, where he has built a complex deep below ground to support thousands of survivors along with the animals.

As with any big plans, things will go wrong. An animal virus, murders, and the human factor come close to shutting the complex down before it even gets started. And then comes the bad news, the event will last six months instead of four, two months longer than originally planned for. Their only hope may be an SOS sent into space. If an alien race is listening, perhaps they can save us.

Wow. Hollywood, where were you while this book languished in limbo, and you were releasing junk movies? Look around you; there were some gems like ENLIGHT EVENT you could have filmed instead. I picked up the 2008 version from Dailey Swan Publishing, which was a bad mistake. Through no fault of the author’s the publisher’s formatting and poor editing damages this edition. The 2004 edition from Author House is the version to buy. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson

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