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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Secrets & Lies - The Black Stiletto #4

Secrets & Lies (The Black Stiletto #4)
By Raymond Benson
Oceanview Publishing
ISBN #978-1608091010
336 Pages
Price $19.54
Rating 5-Stars

“Keeps You On The Edge!”

It’s 1961. As the police in New York begin a beefed up campaign to bring the Black Stiletto to justice, she’s thrown into situations where police and civilians are hurt in their efforts to arrest her. On a vacation to California Judy meets a handsome man with money and connections who promises her a job in Hollywood if she will move to the West Coast. Accepting the offer, though she hates to leave her friends in New York, she hopes to put the Black Stiletto behind her when she reaches Hollywood. But the excitement of her alter ego pulls Judy back in action. This time she’s working hand-in-hand with the police. But problems continue to beset her.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Judy’s Alzheimer’s is worsening, and she doesn’t have long to live. Her son Martin worries about her. He learns that Gina has quit school and studying martial arts full time with her boyfriend instructor. Going to New York to check on his daughter, he also wants to confront a woman claiming to be the Black Stiletto, but gangsters from Judy’s past catches up to him.

A lot is going on in the 4th novel, and we know that the series may soon come to an end. Judy gave up the Black Stiletto in 1962 (the next entry in the series), so we only have one more book of her exploits, and with her present health problems, Judy may have little time left. But there is hope, and the author admits it could happen. Gina is training in Krav Maga, Israeli martial arts, and we could have a new Stiletto series on the drawing table. This has been a unique series from the start, and either readers love it or hate it.  I find the characters fascinating, and the writing captivating. Highly recommended for action and comic book lovers. It will keep you on the edge.

Tom Johnson

Detective Mystery Stories 

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