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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


HILI is a science fiction about abduction and contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life. The theme is not new for fans of the genre, but the book also talks about the limits of sanity and what a person is able to do to preserve her life and the existence of her race.
With many surprises and twists throughout the narrative, HILI begins with the traditional method of abduction. Madison DeMarco, a former top model, disappears from her mountain cabin after spotting a strange light in the sky. Madison wakes up in a metallic room and with her is a man who, although attractive, has an almost inhuman appearance.
After the initial shock, Madison learns why she is in that spaceship, and where she is going. Besides been taken from her planet, she later discovers that things are not exactly as they seem and she will have to face a great danger in the ship to survive.

Hili (SF)
By Lu Evans
Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN # 978-1979848831
Price $6,99 (Paperback)
Price $0.99 (Kindle)
145 Pages
Rating 4-Stars

Madison  DeMarco’s husband has just asked her for divorce, and she is angry and heading for her cabin in the hills. Madison is a famous model, and drives a Ferrari GT4, and she’s burning up the road. Arriving at the cabin she no sooner settles in than a bright light appears overhead and she blacks out. When she awakens, Madison discovers a space alien has abducted her and they are headed for his world where she will become the queen of the world, and mate of the alien.

The alien is the last of his kind. For the last five thousand years or so, he has been cloning his body until he is now the perfect specimen of man – large, muscular, and extremely handsome. He is known as Etana – or more exactly, Lord Etana. He claims to be the only person on the ship, and calls her by the pet name of Hili, but Madison senses another creature in the shadows, one that is small and thin, and knows that Lord Etana has been lying to her. But what could be at the bottom of those lies?

This was a wonderful and unique tale. Madison talks to herself, which is quite humorous at times. Plus Etana also abducted her Ferrari and added AI to it, so the car can now talk to her. She does discover the thing in the shadows is a female robot named Hili, which causes more problems between her and Lord Etana, since the robot has been Etana’s companion for thousands of years. Etana is a cyborg, half man, half machine, and she may not be the only Earth woman he has abducted. Things spiral out of control for both Madison and Etana, and drastic measure must be taken.

The writing was extremely odd, as if English is not the first language of the author. Words are missing from sentences. The use of “on” and “in” is often at odds with what it should be. And “being” usually comes in as “been”. I would say it was poorly edited, but a lot of more advanced words are okay. Either English is a second language for the author, or she used an interpreter who is not proficient in English. Whatever the case, the story is still good, and I highly recommend it for SF readers.

Tom Johnson


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  1. Thanks very much for the review. We're glad you liked it despite the "odd" English. We will follow your suggestion and work on editing it a bit more.
    Team Lu