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Friday, August 31, 2018

Captain Hawklin And The Jade Dragon

China 1933: When Captain Steven Hawklin meets a mysterious Chinese woman named Juno Li. He and his trusted allies Hardy Regan Miller and Oscar "Oz" Lyman are off on an adventure to the far flung orient, across the war-torn land of China. Their mission: stop the nefarious being known as the Black Skull from harnessing the power of the Jade Dragon. An ancient artifact that is said to be created thousands of years ago. In the wrong hands, the dragon has the ability to alter the course of reality to meet its owners true desires. But... there is more at stake than just the retrieval of the elusive statue. Who is the Black Skull and what are his true intentions? How is his life connected to Steven's? And what of Juno Li, what secret is she keeping for Captain Hawklin, will she be friend or foe? The answer will surprise you. Captain Hawklin and the Jade Dragon is another action-packed tale in the popular New Pulp adventure series. Filled with Heroes, villains and secret treasures.

Captain Hawklin And The Jade Dragon (Retrofiction)
By Charles F. Millhouse
Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN # 978-1983873669
Price $8.99 (Paperback)
Price $2.99 (Kindle)
228 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

Captain Steve Hawklin and his men are in San Francisco. Hawklin is invited to a party where he meets a beautiful Chinese girl named Juno Li. When they step out to the garden they are attacked by men on motorcycles. Grabbing one of the bikes he and the girl escape, but are forced off a cliff a few miles down the road. Hawklin survives, but fears Juno Li may have perished. Meanwhile, Oscar “Oz” Lyman and Hardy Miller are playing pool and drinking beer in a joint on the docks when a Chinese gentleman enters the dive and the sailors get nasty. Hardy and Oz escort the Chinaman out before the sailors get rough, only to have more Chinese attack them. They are looking for a mysterious Jade Dragon statue that has the power to change the world.

Soon, Juno Li is back and she leads the Hawklin team to China. It’s 1933, and China is in turmoil between Nationalists and Communists. Plus Juno Li confesses to being Steven Hawklin’s half-sister. Hawklin’s father married a queen in a previous adventure, and his son could care less about him, but if Juno Li is his sister, then it’s up to him to protect her and get the Jade Dragon before the mysterious villain, The Black Skull obtains it and all the power that goes with it.

This was a fun story, but it might have been wiser if I had started with an earlier adventure. Thomas Hawklin sounds like a real scalawag, especially where women are concerned. His son, Captain Steve Hawklin is pure of heart, and with his men seeks out excitement, danger, and adventure. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson


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