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Monday, December 28, 2015

Born Lucid

"There exists in this country a plot to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot." - President John F. Kennedy - 7 days before his assassination.
In a time when the elite control the world, a chance discovery changes EVERYTHING... Unearthed ancient technology gives one man the power to make a difference. But is it too late? Humanity hangs in the balance. Real-life conspiracy theories. Truth or Lies? You Decide!
In a dark and brooding world where conspiracy theories are no longer just theory, the fate of humanity hinges on the whims of the sociopathic elite - a hidden hierarchy which vie in a secret war amongst themselves, crushing anyone who gets in their way. Every man, woman and child, every agency, every nation state, are but pawns in the greater game of power and control.
Chris Trent, an archaeology student and activist is thrown into the middle of this power struggle when he inadvertently uncovers a "Relic" - ancient technology which turns him into a living weapon too deadly to remain uncontrolled. Press-ganged into the service of a corrupt government agency, he discovers a breakaway society entrenched in intrigue, manipulation, corruption and betrayal, which puppeteers the modern world from the shadows. The only light in the darkness is the unexpected camaraderie of his fellow "Relics" and the hope that they can break their bonds of servitude and save mankind from the seemingly inevitable slide towards a cruel totalitarian police state. But is it already too late?
Jumping from present day to a not-too-distant dystopian future and back again, Born Lucid - Book 1 of the Born Lucid Series lets you see actual modern day events and real government legislation in a whole new light...

Born Lucid (SF Thriller)
By Christopher C. Evans
Create Space
ISBN #978-1518635786
Price $10.99
252 Pages
Rating 4-Stars

“A Good Conspiracy SF Tale.”

In 2010, archaeology student Chris Trent and a team of activists are exploring a tunnel for the truth. They are looking for signs of ancient civilizations and technology, which they believe our government is withholding from the public. Opening a sealed room Chris discovers the body of a long dead giant, but before he can do anything something attacks him. It is a parasitic Relic that had been embedded in the giant, now it is burrowing into him, attaching to his nerve system and brain. When he wakes up he’s in a hidden base below Denver Airport, and learns that a mysterious group known as the Committee of 300 had him brought here. They have been aware of the Relics for years, and searching for others, when they found Chris. The 300 run the governments of the world, as well as industry, and are the most rich and powerful people in the world. He is to be trained at the Academy by their Agency, a Brotherhood of men and women with Relics embedded. So now he has found the truth, but will he become part of the cover-up, or will he escape the Agency.

The Agency/Relics are being trained for the purpose, I believe, to combat or protect the Committee of 300. They are mere slaves of the 300. The Anunnaki are returning soon, and with them the planet Nibiru. The Anunnaki warred upon the Earth once before. The parasitic Relics came from the Anunnaki to be embedded in humans in the beginning for slave labor, and have been here since the first Anunnaki on Earth.

There are two story lines in the book, the one in 2010, and a later story line 90 years later, but Chris Trent – also called Lucidus now - is still around, and appears to be the same age, so we don’t really learn much about what happened in between in this book. More will be told in sequels. I was also a bit confused about the collapse of the world between 2010 and 90 years later. Did the Anunnaki return and start another nuclear war with Earth, or what? We’re told in the second story line that a sun storm or something radiated the world.  We’re also told the radiation is the result of failed nuclear reactors. In the year 3000, the world is divided by the powerful, the A.I.s (artificial intelligence), and the ragged remnant of civilization. Evidently, a series of economic, environmental, and pandemic disasters caused the collapse, but did the Anunnaki ever return? Chris now heads a group of Freemen, and they are looking for weapons and food to help them survive in this collapsed world. The Freeman is a ragtag group of liberated citizens who live apart from the main city, and engage in guerrilla warfare. Except for the confusion, this is a fascinating tale, with interesting characters, and good writing. For fans of a good conspiracy, and science fiction yarn, you’ll enjoy this exciting tale.

Tom Johnson


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