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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Supervillains Anonymous

Author Synopsis:
The stakes are huge and the hero is short when Hostage Girl returns snarkier than ever in Lexie Dunne's urban superhero fantasy Supervillains Anonymous
New superhero Gail Godwin, the one and only Hostage Girl, is in big trouble: her nemesis Chelsea is loose, her trainer Angélica is dead, and everybody thinks Gail did it. To make matters worse, Davenport Industries has thrown her into a prison that just happens to be full of the very same supervillains who used to kidnap her on an almost daily basis.
Outside, things aren't going all that great either. There's a conspiracy that runs all the way to the bedrock of the superhero community, and it's affecting everybody Gail loves. With her friends in the crosshairs, it's up to her to escape and get to the bottom of things. Subterfuge, crime-fighting, and running away from everybody you know should be a cinch, right?
Wrong. Gail faces off against hero and villain alike just to stay alive. And you know what they say about supervillains: if you can't beat them…join them.

Supervillains Anonymous (Super Hero/Villain Fantasy)
By Lexie Dunne
Harper Voyager Impulse
ISBN #978-0062369147
Price $6.99
340 Pages

“Good Writing, And Great Cover.”

In the last novel, SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS, we left Gail Godwin, aka The Hostage Girl, in prison for the super villains. Eventually she escapes, and learns that the radioactive chemicals Dr. Death had administered have somehow been transforming her into a “super” person. But she needs help with the process.

Unfortunately, the second story does not improve from SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS, even though SUPERVILLAINS ANONYMOUS starts out with a nice pace, it quickly slows down, and by the end of the story we don’t see any real progress in the series. Gail Godwin hasn’t improved her situation at all. I gave the first novel a 4-Star rating for the author’s writing, but that just doesn’t carry this second novel. I’m still surprised that a big publishing company like HARPER COLLINS allowed these books under their imprint. The best part of this book is the cover, and I’ve seen it before on a better novel from a HARLEQUIN imprint. I can’t honestly recommend this book, or the series.

Tom Johnson


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