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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hathor Legacy: Burn

Book Two of the Hathor Legacy Series. On the planet, Hathor, an old threat re-emerges that may destroy the fragile alliance between the Guardians and Novacorp. When Nadira is called to investigate a rash of fires throughout the city, she discovers the Deshtu, another group with PSI powers who have been purposely kept in the shadows. Working to uncover the source of the fires, Nadira learns the brutal truth about the origin of the Guardians. The Guardian Elders have plans to make Nadira more powerful, and she may be forced to sever her psychic connection to Jonathan Keel. When an unexpected ally gives Jonathan information about the Deshtu that connects them to the fires, he becomes a convenient scapegoat for the opposing factions. Nadira puts her life on the line to solve the crime, while the Elders make their move to remove Jonathan from her life forever. As time runs out, the Guardians prepare for a clash with Novacorp that could plunge the planet into chaos, and a final betrayal forces Nadira to risk everything to save herself and Hathor.

Hathor Legacy Burn (SF/Romance)
By Deborah A. Bailey
Bright Street Books
ISBN #978-0984292684
Price $17.97
484 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“Wonderful Story Telling, with Great Plot and Characters.”

Someone is setting fires to Service Houses, killing the occupants. Sentry Guardian Nadira is called to help security investigate. She learns that the deaths involve Deshtu, people with some “special” PSI ability close to that of Guardians. A lone survivor tells her that they were brought from up North by Guardians to service clients. Once they arrive the Deshtus are raped or beaten and kept in line on threat of death. Could it be true? Is there a rogue group within the Guardians failing to follow the rules set by Novacorp? Or is the leadership of the Guardians itself pulling the strings? If so, this could be the beginning of a war between Guardians and Novacorp. To make matters worse, Dakar, the head Elder of the Guardians orders Nadira to break connection with Jonathan, which she refuses to do. Now she and Jonathan may also be in danger if she can’t uncover the mystery and bring the killers to justice.

This is the second novel in the Hathor Legacy series, and we learn a lot of unanswered questions about Novacorp and the Guardians, and how the power structure came about. There are two powerful entities, Novacorp with military and security power, and Guardians with special PSI powers. Together they form a strong team, but if they go to war, Hathor could be destroyed. The action never slows down, and the characters drive the plot towards the conclusion. This is science fiction at it’s best, with a small taste of romance to sweeten the tale. Readers will fall in love with the characters, and will not want the story to end. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson


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