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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Rocket Girl's Tale

Rocket Girl
In the demesne of Hillvale, a young scientist with a perfect memory struggles to gain admission into the Academy of Stars when she stumbles across documents many dark powers seem to be interested in. In the midst of this turmoil, a handsome young man named Arthur Galenden seems to want to sweep her off her feet.
“She loved him. She loved him not. After the flames of infatuation burned out, what would pull a rocket scientist and an oil baron together?”
The Rocket Girl’s Tale (SF/Steampunk/Romance)
By K. Hippolite
Petroleum Ent
Price $2.99
289 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“Intelligent, Witty, And Entertaining.”

Reiki is at loose ends. The academy had just rejected her as one of the lucky ones to go to the moon on the next rocket. Her math skills should have been a plus for her, but she was passed over. She’s also a Cryokinetic, able to freeze things at will. She has just dumped her boyfriend when she meets Arthur Galenden, of the House of Galenden. But things aren’t going so good between them. He has her followed, trying to learn where she lives so he can see her again, and that didn’t set right with her. She also chanced upon a man with bank accounts that meant trouble, because he was caught and executed by the daughter of a high government official. Now she’s the target because she memorizes numbers, and knows too much about something.  Captured, she forces her knowledge into a hidden part of her brain to hide it from telepaths, but by doing so it leaves her with amnesia. Arthur carries her off to his city, not knowing her past, but wanting to protect her. But even here she’s not safe. Arthur’s mother wants her dead too because of political intrigue and power. Will Reiki eventually make her dream come true and be the first woman on the moon? Or is her destiny to end badly for her?

This novel first attracted me because of the cover, which I thought looked neat but cartoony, and a blurb that contradicted the cover and intrigued me. The story is a bit steampunk and futuristic, and a mix of science fiction and fantasy. It was Valley Girl meets A. E. van Vogt’s “Pawns of Null A”, and a bit of Robert A. Heinlein’s “Rocket Ship Galileo” and “Have Space Suit Will Travel”. The writing was intelligent, witty, and entertaining, and the characters strong. The author has built a world occupied by high society and commoners, people with special powers and those without. It could be a fantasy world, or an alternate universe that parallels our own. There are guns, swords, and skateboards. The action is fast, the story moves smoothly, while danger and intrigue will keep the reader turning the pages. I’m certainly looking forward to learning more about this universe. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson
Author of “Pangaea: Eden’s Planet”

When he asked her to dance, her heart went to thundering so hard, Reiki was certain her ears had turned red.
There had to be something wrong with this picture. A high family man of his stature sought her company for a song? Was she dreaming? Was he a demon seeking a taste of her soul? Whatever the case, he was waiting for her answer, and his eyes spoke of fleeting hope that she would agree.
Chocolate cake, you fool! You need to wipe off the cake! Decline on the dance or youíre going to look totally foolish.
“Y-yes,” said Reiki. It was all she could manage, for her throat constricted and tied itself into a knot.
He took her hand and started to lead her to the floor, but stopped and frowned.
“Oopsie, it seems you’ve had an accident. Here, let me.”
Mortified, Reiki could only stand there and let him dab at her back with a towel.
“Close your mouth. You look like you’re having an orgasm.
“All done. Not so bad.”
“Thank you,” she said while trying to work out an explanation for the cake that looked heroic.
Again, words failed her, and Reiki quietly allowed Arthur to lead her to an empty spot on the floor. The couples were engrossed in the Selanese flip step. It was a tactile version of the Cha-cha. She had read it once three years ago; recently enough to be able to perform it.
Reiki set her hips in the opening sequence, and Arthur matched her toe-to-toe. At that point, the rhythm of the music took over, and they began to dance.


  1. Some serious high-powered names in there. I'm awed.

  2. Hi PEG, as a fan of early SF, I enjoy science fiction like K's "The Rocket Girl's Tale." There's a little bit of the old, and a little bit of the new. A nice mix. I appreciate good writing.