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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Denver Doll

Denver Doll and Yankee Eisler are a likely pair, both pursuing the scoundrel road-agent John McParland. One is a legendary scrapper and lover, the other is all business. Together they unravel the mystery of an orphan child and her murdered mother. Along the way we encounter Doll's three stooges Walt, Yakie and Chug; femme-fatale the mysterious Mademoiselle Zoe, bumbling reporter Charles Pygmalion Jones, righteous merchant Crystal Carrol and the slimy Valentine Verner. The very existence of the mining town Shining Bar is at risk if Doll and Yankee fail. This volume reprints the original 1882 novel plus a new version updated for modern audiences.

Denver Doll (Dime Novel Mystery)
By Edward Lytton Wheeler & Joseph Lovece
ISBN #978-1499716467
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Price $10.48
290 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“A Fun Read.”

When one of Denver Doll’s three sidekicks discover what they think is a murdered woman and a crying baby, they bring the child to their mining camp. Upon returning for the woman’s body they discover it is missing. The case gets more complicated when someone steals the baby from them. Denver Doll, one of the original – if not the first – female detectives in fiction, is after road agent and scoundrel John McParland, who may have the baby. It seems the child is to inherit a huge fortune on a certain date, and must be brought forward by that time. But things aren’t going to be easy for Denver Doll. A crook in Shining Bar also wants the inheritance, and McParland’s pals turn against the road agent, while Yankee is after him for murdering his wife.

This book contains the original Dime Novel version as it was published in 1882, and written by Edward Lytton Wheeler, the author of the popular Deadwood Dick series. It also contains a rewritten version by Joseph Lovece, with modern sensibilities (tightened, and the use of profanities). Although the original Dime Novel version has a number of typos, it was still a lot of fun reading this version. I was a huge fan of the Nick Carter Dime Novels, and though outdated, they were a lot of fun, and so is Denver Doll, the Queen of Detectives. Denver Doll is known as a tough gal, not afraid of anything, and can whip most men; she’s also a master of disguise. Her three pals are also something of a curiosity. Walt Christie is a black man of African descent, while Yakie Strauss is of Dutch-German descent. And then there’s Chug, a Chinaman; these three provide the comedy element to the story – think Three Stooges or Bowery Boys, and you’ll be close. There were only four Denver Doll novels, and they are not easily available. For lovers of early American literature, or just the excitement of pre-modernistic writing, you’ll enjoy Denver Doll and her cohorts. Highly recommended.

Tom Johnson
Detective Mystery Stories

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