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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mission: Tehran

1978. Iran is in ferment and the British Intelligence Service wants Tana Standish’s assessment. It appears that CIA agents are painting too rosy a picture, perhaps because they’re colluding with the state torturers… Allegiances and loyalties are strained as Tana’s mission becomes deadly and personal. Old friends are snatched, tortured and killed by SAVAK, the Shah’s secret police. She has to use all her skills as a secret agent and psychic to stay one step ahead of the oppressors and traitors.
As the country stumbles towards the Islamic Revolution, the Shah’s grip on power weakens. There’s real concern for the MI6 listening post near the Afghan border. Only Tana Standish is available to investigate; yet it’s possible she could be walking into a trap, as the deadly female Spetsnaz fighter Aksakov has been sent to abduct Tana. Meanwhile, in Kazakhstan, the sympathetic Yakunin, the psychic spy tracking Tana, is being side-lined by a killer psychic, capable of weakening Tana at the critical moment in combat with Aksakov. Can Yakunin save Tana without being discovered?
In the troubled streets of Iran’s ancient cities and amidst the frozen wastes on the Afghan border, Tana makes new friends and new enemies...

Mission: Tehran: (Thriller)
Tana Standish #2
By Nik Morton
Manatee Books
ISBN # 978-1544028521
Price $10.75 (Paperback)
Price $3.50 (Kindle)
285 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“Topnotch British Spy Series”

Tana Standish is in Tehran working with some revolutionary women while monitoring the tense situation. The people are tired of the Shah’s rule, plus we see the Shah’s secret police arresting and torturing their own people. The CIA station chief is working hand-in-glove with the secret police, and stealing Iran’s treasure, so Tana can expect no help from him with her co-workers are arrested and tortured. She is also watching the Afghanistan and Iran border for Russian troop movement. Meanwhile, the Russian psychics are homing in on Tana while leading their Spetsnaz assassin after her.

We watch as America loses control on their hold of Iran when the Shah’s is deposed and forced to leave, while the revolution brings in their religious leader and a new regime of terror.

Although I read books 3 & 2 out of order, it didn’t matter, as each book is a standalone entity, although some things are revealed ahead of time in this case. Still, the reader is pulled into the story and nothing else matters. I was hard put to remember who was who in this tale, with so many names involved, not knowing the difference in female and male names, and keeping up with everyone. The author weaves his story around real events that were happening in 1978 in Russia, Iran, and Afghanistan. This is a top British spy series, and highly recommended.

Tom Johnson

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