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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fight Card Update


This month's Fight Card release, The Adventures of Sailor Tom Sharkey (Mark Finn writing as Jack Tunney) is making it's debut in time for the Robert E. Howard Days gathering in Cross Plains, TX.  This is most appropriate as author Mark Finn is a recognized Howard scholar and Sailor Tom Sharkey is the spiritual cousin of Howard's character, Sailor Steve Costigan.

The 'weird boxing' tales in the collection are complemented by a fantastic cover from Carl Yonder.

The Best Weird, Historical, Humorous, Boxing Stories You'll Ever Read!
He was one of the greatest heavyweight boxers to enter the legendary squared circle during the Golden Age of Boxing. Standing a mere 5’ 8”, Sailor Tom Sharkey was one of boxing’s most feared opponents…Gentleman Jim Corbett, Bob Fitzsimmons, Kid McCoy, and Jim Jeffries all agreed he was their fiercest opponent and gave them their toughest fights. A colorful boxer both in the ring and out, he retired in 1904 after several legendary and controversial failed attempts to win the championship belt.
That’s the story you know – But it’s not the end of Sharkey’s story – not by a long shot…In the tradition of Robert E. Howard’s humorous Sailor Steve Costigan boxing tales, this action-packed collection of rowdy, bawdy, burlesque, tall Texas tall feature Sailor Tom Sharkey’s adventures after he hung up his professional gloves. 
Thrill to Sharkey’s brush with Hollywood’s “It” Girl, Clara Bow…Get chills as Sharkey and Kid McCoy faces down a maniacal bandit…Feel the heat as Sharkey rides the rails with Jim Jeffries and the Vaudeville Carnival into a clashes with a mad scientists and mummified menaces…Watch as Sharkey plays Santa Claus to a bunch of Tammany Hall orphans and end up with a tiger by the tail – literally – and much more!
These are the Untold Tales of the Wildest Tale-Teller of Boxing’s Golden Age!
A file of the book and a cover are attached for your enjoyment.  Any mentions in your blogs or on your social networking sites are always appreciated.
Coming up on the Fight Card scedule we have Bridgeport Brawler from Dave White, Push from Nathan Walpow, Guns of November from Joseph Grant, Fight River from Tommy Hancock, Bareknuckle Barbarian from Teel James Glenn, Job Girl from Jason Chirevas, a second Sherlock Holmes tale from Andrew Salmon, and a currently untitled entry from Tim Tessler.
Also, our second Fight Card Presents charity anthology will debut in August ...
Till next month ... Keep punching ...


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