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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chicks In Capes

Chicks In Capes (Comics In Prose)
Various Authors
Moonstone Books www.moonstonebooks.con
ISBN #978-1933076713
Price $14.99
217 Pages
Rating 4-Stars

Super women written by women. There are 17 tales of comic book heroines included, by professional writers: Inanna: Witchwoman by Trina Robbins; Beneath The Cape: A Domino Lady Story by Nancy Holder; The Survivor: Coming of Age by Gillian Horvath; Corpe Noctum by Cathy Clamp; Kirby Girls by Barbara Randall Kesel; Mischief by Elaine Lee; Lady Action by Kathe Cato; Nightingale by Valerie D’Orozio; The Birth of Lady Sekhmet by K.G. McAbee; Diary of A Superchick by Jennifer Fallon; A Touch of Glamour by Debbie Viguie; Silver Slut – And So It begins by Elizabeth Massie.

This is a neat concept, and is a mixed bag of super heroines, but most stories were pretty good. The best was The Birth of Lady Sekhmet by K.G. McAbee - who wouldn’t love a lady archeologist turned into a super chick by ancient Egyptian gods? Plus, the interior art was fantastic. I believe the interior art was by Nicola Scott.  Kirby Girls by Barbara Randall Kesel was a minor entry. The girls are sitting around a table talking – it’s their coffee day out. They are named after Jack Kirby, of course, who drew women well proportioned and since they are big breasted and sexy like his comic book women, they take his name. The Domino Lady also seems out of place, as she was really a pulp character, and hasn’t been very well treated by Moonstone. Even though it’s a good story, she really isn’t a super comic book heroine. But the real problem is the sloppy editing of the book. There is more than a normal editing problem with this book, sometimes as many as five problems on each page. Words repeated back-to-back or the same word before and after another word.  Some misspellings. A shame, as the book had better potential with the quality of writers and artwork.

Tom Johnson
Echoes Magazine

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