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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Crocodile by Maurizio de Giovanni

The Crocodile (Murder Mystery)
By Maurizio de Giovanni
Europa Editions
ISBN #978-1609451196
336 Pages
Price $17.00
Rating 5-stars

“A Thrilling Page Turner”

Falsely accused of selling out to the Mafia, Inspector Giuseppe Lojacono is reassigned to a small police station where he receives criminal complaints from citizens, but is no longer allowed an investigative role. However, on a night shift he is called to the scene of a homicide, and as the first officer on the scene he notices things that the arriving detectives miss. As the murders continue, the media begins calling him the Crocodile, and the police are making no headway in the case. The assistant D.A. remembers Giuseppe’s quick deductions at the scene of the first murder and orders the inspector to join the team.

In this awesome page-turner we follow the killer as he walks the dark streets of Naples, Italy on a mission of revenge. While the police detectives are following a false scent, Giuseppe and the D.A. follow another line of investigation until the case unravels due to their determination to find the killer.

This is one of the best new mystery novels of the year. The author brings the characters to life, and his story telling keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.

Tom Johnson
Detective Mystery Stories

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