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Friday, October 23, 2015

Snake: Nest of Vipers

In the last few years of World War II, a group of brave Germans who opposed Hitler and his Third Reich orchestrated an underground movement that worked from within to defeat the Nazis. These brave men and women were constantly at risk being hunted by the ruthless Gestapo. Their fate, if captured, was agonizing torture and death. Still they struggled on.
Six years later, in the back alleys of New York’s Bowery district, a mysterious masked avenger calling herself the Snake appears. She recruits denizens of the street to be her agents and begins a ruthless campaign against organized crime. Who is she and what is her connection to the events in Berlin prior to the collapse of the Third Reich?
Based on a six-page synopsis by legendary comics writer, Richard Hughes, author Michael Vance has woven a thrilling, fast-paced adventure that will keep readers guessing and on the edge of their seats from start to finish. You’ve never met a character like the Snake. She’s sexy. She may be crazy. But she is most of all, deadly!

Snake: Nest of Vipers (New Pulp Hero)
By Michael Vance
Airship 27 Productions
ISBN #978-0692406472
Price $16.99
168 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

“A Great Read, And Highly Recommended.”

During WWII, Greta Hoffmeyer was the top agent for Germany’s counter-espionage agency, Ballemsschlange, known as COBRA. She induced men to talk by seduction.  Because of her, people were tortured and died. But she disappeared before the war ended, eventually coming to America. But her past won’t leave her behind, and connecting with her one true love ends in tragedy.

Snake, a masked vigilante suddenly appears on the streets of New York, knowing where crime is going to happen. She foils the robbers, then takes their swag. The police and mob both want her, especially when a young police officer is killed during one of her actions. Snake gathers a team from the streets, a taxi driver, a blind black man, a fallen magician, a brothel madam and her police dispatcher daughter, plus a tough bartender, and a crippled Korean War veteran. With these, and others, Greta Hoffmeyer takes on the underworld, perhaps looking for redemption for her past sins.

The story was interesting, and the characters fun, and the Snake charming. Bases on a six page synopsis by comic book writer, Richard Hughes, the author spins a great yarn, looking back in her WWII past to her current mental problems. Yes, she may still have those moments of hatred for herself, and speaks in riddles to hide her feelings, but she’s a force to be feared. A great read, and highly recommended.

Tom Johnson

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