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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Hathor Legacy Universe by Deborah Bailey

The Hathor Legacy Universe

My idea for my Hathor Legacy series came from a few sources. First of all, I’ve always been drawn to science fiction and for years I binged on books, TV shows, movies with SF themes. I could honestly say I grew up watching Twilight Zone (the original), the Outer Limits and Star Trek. So for me, the best stories are the ones that ask, “what if?” That probably also explains why I’m drawn to technology and I was a computer programmer for over 10 years. 

In fact, for years I was an employee in major corporations, so a lot of my impressions of the corporate life were integrated into my description of Novacorp Gallactic, Inc., the corporation that runs Hathor and controls many other planets. 

The Idea

I came up with the idea for the Guardians from watching a PBS documentary on U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, believe it or not. After they went into the details of how FDR was infected by the virus that causes polio, I wondered what would happen if that disease was as prevalent in the US today?

That’s what gave me the idea of a virus that would fundamentally change the person who became infected. But instead of having the virus unleashed on Earth, I chose a settlement on another planet. A person who survived the infection would be left with PSI powers such as telepathy and telekinesis. For the most part, the Guardians have those types of powers.

The Guardians

According to the history, Hathor was (or will be!) discovered in the year 2234. After its discovery and subsequent terraforming, settlers from Earth were selected to colonize the planet. Unfortunately after their arrival, a disease spread through the population, ultimately giving rise to the Guardians.

The Guardians use their PSI abilities in service to the corporation They’re a sort of high level security force that assists the regular company security, but due to their powers, they are obviously more powerful than average humans. They were introduced in book one, Hathor Legacy: Outcast.

Nadira, the heroine of the story, is one of the most powerful Guardians. In her position in the corporation, she’s designated as a Sentry and she reports to the company senior managers. So this position puts her at the top of the Guardian hierarchy and also in the upper levels of the company hierarchy. In this way, she’s a connector between both groups.

The Corporation

Since Hathor has valuable resources, such as crystals and other precious gems (some of which are used as power sources) the planet wasn’t abandoned after the disease spread. But instead, other companies began arriving and staking their claims, Novacorp executives realized that they’d like to own all of the resources. In order to do that, they had to control the planet. This is what led to the Corporate Wars, (which is also referenced in Hathor Legacy: Burn).

The Conflict

In the Hathor Legacy universe, there is always tension between the all-powerful corporation and the powerful Guardians. That relationship impacts the lives of Nadira and Jonathan Keel (the hero).

Once their powers are identified, people with PSI abilities are taken from their homes and families, so that they can become part of the Guardian organization.  As with any group, there will be outliers, but with the Guardians, if too many of them push back against the established order, it could destroy them and completely rip apart the fabric that holds the society together.

Novacorp needs them to hold on to their control, and yet the Guardians are strong enough to overpower them. At the heart of the story, conflict and tension exists between two groups that need each other for survival, yet don’t trust each other. And ultimately this conflict directly impacts the relationship between Nadira and Jonathan. But that's what makes a good story!

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About the Author
Deborah A Bailey is the author of the science fiction romance novels, Hathor Legacy: Outcast and Hathor Legacy: Burn, and a short story collection, Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales. Her short stories have won awards from the Philadelphia Writers' Conference and her work has been published in US1 Magazine and the Sun. In her "other" life, she's a freelance business writer, blogger and author of three non-fiction books.


Twitter: @AuthorDeborahB

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