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Monday, April 16, 2018

Angelica You Have Chosen Well

Angelica of Bethlehem is arrested and imprisoned by a man persecuting the church, Saul of Tarsus. Her crime is for preaching Jesus on the narrow streets of Jerusalem. While she's waiting a life or death decision, of a painful death, she decided to write her life's story, which began in Bethlehem. Phillip, an innkeeper, is unseasonably full just as his wife is about to give an early birth. That's the moment he met an unusual couple, a very young couple, the wife also about to give birth. Her husband Joseph begged with Phillip for all he may have which happens to be the freshly prepared and groomed stable. What will the night bring with two, impending births? And what will Angelica do when faced with death? Will she deny a Jesus she had vowed her life to follow and loved or will she acknowledge Him and face a most certain death? *This tender and emotional novel is guaranteed to jerk that God shaped hole and shake the core of your foundation!

Angelica: You Have Chosen Well (Religious Fiction)
By Aimee Marie Bejarano
Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN #978-1542824385
Price $9.99 (Paperback)
Price $1.99 (Kindle)
190 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

The author gave me a copy of the book for an honest review. This is the Biblical story of Jesus, the Son of God, and His birth to crucifixion. We meet Angelica of Bethlehem, the daughter of the innkeeper whose wife dies giving birth on the very night Mary and Joseph arrive in Bethlehem for the census. Phillip, the innkeeper has no room at the Inn, but offers them a place in the stable with the animals since Mary is ready to give birth. The physician brings the dead mother’s child to Mary to suckle, and Angelica is tied forever with Jesus. When she grows up, she never marries, and hearing of John The Baptist, decides to leave Bethlehem to listen to his teachings. While following the Baptist Jesus arrives and Angelica knows that she is to follow Him from then on.

Saul is having Christians arrested and stoned to death. When she’s arrested for preaching Jesus in the streets, Angelica records the story of Jesus on parchment. In the cell next to her is an elderly thief named John who she reads the story to as she writes it while they wait for their death. We read again the Biblical story of Christ, but the author has created a fictional character, Angelica, to tell the story once more, and we see how the early Christians who followed Jesus were treated and put to death, becoming martyrs for our Lord. Although I am torn between just reading the Bible for the story, I did enjoy the author’s book about Angelica, who sacrifices her life to follow Jesus. Should we create fiction stories to retell the original story? I don’t know. I will leave that for others to decide. In the meantime, I think readers will enjoy Angelica. I know I did.

Tom Johnson

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