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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Alien Worlds Review

ISBN: 9780982679555
January 2011
Night to Dawn
Hardcover, Paperback, E-Book
268 Pages
Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups
Calling Captain Danger
Captain Steve Danger is one of the elite Space Rangers of the Galactic Empire Alliance. Along with his Lieutenant, Cathy Rogers, he flies the Silver Raptor #1 to investigate the mysterious deaths in a mining colony on the outskirts of the galaxy.
An exciting introduction to the world of Captain Danger. Thrilling battles, besotted women and interesting characters all the way around.
Echoes from a Distant World
Cassie Kelly is a nurse recovering from acute memory loss that took a year of her life. Those lost memories haunt her dreams and nightmares and are now back to wreak havoc on her life again. She must face the truth of the past year in order to survive the repercussions.
I love this story. The aliens are unique and extreme with a wonderful use of helium balloons. Barbara Custer has a way with words that draws you into the story.
The Forever Man
When you are unique amongst the world, the average job just does not suit. The Robin Hood of the future is the best way to go. Getting paid to recover stolen merchandise that is thought to be unrecoverable is a job for the Forever Man.
The Forever Man has a great take on one positive outcome of human experimentation. It sounds odd but it really works. The different world and the people inhabiting it are fun to read about.
Cost Containment's Divident
When the cost effectiveness effects every decision, the first thing to go is health care. Kristin is a diabetic nurse hiding her condition from a boss that would fire her for being a health risk. She knows what happens to people who cannot pay for their medical bills; they start to the cemetery while kicking and screaming. Until Xaeriss helps them fight back.
It is interesting to read a story about a failing health care system, considering today’s economy. This is a short and sweet story about what could happen and the possibilities for getting even.
Terror from Beyond
Captain Danger leads us into another exhilarating adventure from the outskirts of the galaxy. This time he swoops in to save the day from some remarkably creepy, inexplicably technologically advanced aliens.
This story is even more fun than Captain Danger’s first story. Tom Johnson has created some great characters that anyone would want to have save the day.
Secret Light, Silent World
What would your child do if a strange alien approached them with the solution to their problems? Exactly what Heather did; jump in without considering the consequences. Now, she’s in the thick of a subversive alien invasion that has left her with an out of this world problem.
This is an interesting way to execute an alien invasion. It does seem a little easy to mutate and manipulate Heather, but then again she is just a teenager.
Planets in Peril
The Forever Man is back. With war about to break out over an ancient tablet, who else could manoeuvre their way into this untenable situation? Teaming up with an officer of the Cosmic Security would normally seem like a strange thing for a thief to do, but sometimes extreme circumstances are required when it comes to getting paid.
Another great story from Tom Johnson. The Forever Man is a fun character that gets himself in and out of extreme situations for a large pay check all the while making the bad guys look stupid. What is not to like?
Twilight World
When Robert Blank, flight 66 Captain, and his crew find themselves in an extreme situation, they must do the best they can. If that means acquiring a new plane that they are not even sure they know how to fly, then so be it. They will do whatever it takes to find their way home.
The only story that takes place on an Earth-like, if not Earth itself, world is an interesting tale that reminds me a bit of Stephen King’s The Langoliers, except they were sent to the future instead of the past.
The Spice Raiders
Lieutenant Cathy Rogers and Captain Danger save the day again when Commander Scott Perry gets kidnapped. Together Silver Raptors #1, #2 and #3 must prevent a galactic incident.
Another tale of Captain Danger is a pretty good way to end this compilation of stories. The galactic incident imitated our current political climate pretty well and was fun to read about on the cosmic level.
Alien Worlds contains a great many stories that pertain to future possibilities and aliens in a very clever way. The stories are unique and for the most part interesting and fun to read.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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