Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Eye of The Lyon

Jeff Regan Private Investigator was originally aired on CBS radio, debuting in 1948. Jack Webb played the part of Jeff Regan Private Investigator, working for Anthony J. Lyon of the International Detective Bureau in L.A. Relive the Hard Boiled adventure of Old Time Radio, told by Hard Boiled Author R. Archer in this first of an exciting new series of Kindle Short Reads from Hard Boiled Books.
Regan takes the case of a beautiful widow only to end up lucky he is not dead.

Eye of The Lyon (Hard Boiled Short)
By R. Archer
Hard Boiled Books
Price $1.49
11 Pages

“A Quick, Fun Read.”

With nothing to do, Regan is sitting at his desk with the phone rings. It’s his boss, Anthony J. Lyon of International Detective Bureau. After a few pleasantries, Regan is told that a Mrs. Cartright will be coming to his office, and to take care of her. Sure enough, just as he hangs up the phone, a beautiful woman walks in. She’s a recent widow, and believes someone is trying to kill her. Regan accompanies her home as a bodyguard, where he meets the beautiful maid. It’s not long before he’s knocked over the head, and when he awakes hears his client in danger.

This is another quick, fun read, from this hardboiled author, bringing back old radio drama in the form of short stories. They are so quick in fact you seldom notice the little typos. And who cares, the reader is enjoying the story too much the story ends before you are aware of anything else. Highly recommended to old time radio fans and hardboiled detective readers.

Tom Johnson

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