Sunday, April 14, 2013

This Week's Ratings

This Week’s Ratings

#1) Phantom Detective Companion 147,271 (Altus Press)
#2) Bad Moon Rising 166,843 (self-published on Kindle)
#3) The Black Bat’s War 246,634(self-published on Kindle)
#4) Treasure of Jur 422,360 (self-published on Kindle)
#5) Lost Land of Jur 448,176 (self-published on Kindle)
#6) Eyes of Satan 450,120 (self-published on Kindle)
#7) Queen of Jur 454,572 (self-published on Kindle)
#8) Drums of Jur 462,965 (self-published on Kindle)
#9) Savage Land of Jur 469,989  (NTD)
#10) Cold War Heroes 494,828 (NTD)
#11) Three Go Back 500,920 (NTD)
#12) Jur: A Story of Pre Dawn Earth 503,354 (NTD)
#13) Crime’s Dark Streets 643,408 (self-published on Kindle)
#14) Crime’s Last Stand 643,610(self-published on Kindle)
#15) Crime’s Death Plague 662,966 (self-published on Kindle)
#16) Pangaea: Eden’s Planet 791,567 (self-published on Kindle)
#17) Guns of The Black Ghost 921,620 (self-published on Kindle)
#18) The Spider’s Web 961,697 (NTD)
#19) Double Danger Tales (#65) 988,980 (self-published on Kindle)

My books are holding strong, but sales could be better. This time around there are 19 in the top ratings on Amazon, including books from NTD and Altus Press, as well as self-published on Kindle. I’m really pleased that the Jur novels remain in the top standings, but saddened that The Soul Stealers has finally dropped out of the top ratings. However, both The Soul Stealers and The Black Shadow just barely missed making the top ratings (sigh).  After the recent book signing, I think it helped Cold War Heroes, Three Go Back, and the Phantom Detective Companion get noticed.

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