Monday, April 8, 2013

Book Signing

Book Signing in Haskell, Texas, April 6th. We had an enjoyable time visiting with the good people of Haskell and talking books. There was a lot of interest in my books, and we sold over $120.00 worth, and was interviewed by the newspaper. Hopefully, we will be invited back.

I wore my fedora to promote my books set in the 1930s and 1940s. I had 19 different books with me, but the table was too small for that many. I sold two copies of Cold War Heroes, two copies of Three Go Back, a copy of Pulp Echoes, Pulp Detectives, Exciting Pulp Tales, Shadowhawke, Double Danger Tales #64, Startling Stories with my story, What Goes There, and maybe some other stuff. The store took 20% of my sales, but it was worth it to introduce my books to a small town without access to new books.

Even as we were closing up, and had the books already packed, we were selling books. Again, the people treated us very nice in Haskell.

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