Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dime Detective Companion

Dime Detective Companion
By James L. Traylor
ISBN #9781453824269
226 Pages
Price: $24.95 Paperback; $34.95 Hardback
Rating: 5-Stars

In this beautifully produced book, all 274 issues are indexed, with black & white cover reproductions of each issue included. There is an alphabetical author listing, plus author profiles and pictures. There is also an author-character cross reference list, plus appearances of characters. The author includes an Interview and articles, plus is joined by Monte Herridge, Marvin Lachman, and Will Murray with more material. Finally, the round-robin story, “The Tongueless Man” by William E. Barrett, Carroll John Daly, Frederick C. Dacis, T.T. Flynn, and John Lawrence is reprinted.

As a pulp collector, I am thrilled to see these Companion books being published by Altus Press, and the author of this huge volume has done his research well. This is a must for my generation as well as future generations interested in the history of the pulp magazines.

Tom Johnson
Echoes Magazine

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