Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book Review Cold War Heroes

By Tom Johnson
ISBN #978-0-9826795-6-2
164 Pages
Price: $13.50 Paperback; $4.99 e-book
Rating: 5-Stars

In the 1960s, a squad of U.S. Army MPs in France goes through a number of hi-jinks during a boxing tournament on Post. Danny Donovan is fighting for the unit, but a tough cook is beating everyone that goes up against him. To make things worse, no one likes the cooks because of the food they serve. Now, the unit of misfits get tangled up with black marketers and spies to make their jobs even harder. Could the Cold War in Europe be about to heat up?

I never served in the military, and barely remember M*A*S*H* on television, but I was fascinated by the promo of this book, and requested a Review copy from the author. As the publisher wrote on the back cover, “We are treated to an inside look at Army life with a touch of humor by a soldier who actually experienced it.” The old adage of “if something can go wrong, it probably will,” we find quite true in this tale about a bunch of soldiers forgotten by their Headquarters command, and left to their own devices. That they get into a little trouble is to be expected, but they manage to survive for a new day and another problem. Somehow, we know they will win the Cold War despite the stumbling blocks. Though the story is fiction, the MP unit, and the base actually existed. There are pictures of the base and several of the author’s award certificates in the back of the book to give authenticity to the story. There is some language in the book, but it is used as humor instead of shock value, not something today’s writers can easily accomplish.

I highly recommend this book for everyone who served during the Cold War, and their families. Even someone who never wore a uniform will find this story a light-hearted look at military life in the 1960s. If you’ve forgotten the Cold War, here is your chance to get an inside peek once again.

Terry Roberts
Reviewer (SF/Etc At A Glance)

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