Friday, February 11, 2011

Pulp Ark Award Nominations

Best Book

Green Hornet Chronicles-multiple authors (Moonstone Books)
Green Lama Unbound-Adam Garcia (Airship 27 Productions)
Dodge Dalton in the Shadow of Falcons Wings-Sean Ellis (Seven Realms)
Rabbit Heart-Barry Reese (Wild Cat Books)
Pulp Heroes-Khan Dynasty -Wayne Reinagel (Knightraven Studios)
Tales of the Red Panda: The Android Assassins-Gregg Taylor (Autogyro Press)
Weird Horror Tales: The Feasting-Michael Vance-(Airship 27 Productions)
Beat to a Pulp: Round One-multiple authors (Beat To A  Pulp)
The Masked Rider: Tales of the Wild West-multiple authors-(Airship 27 Productions)
Deadline Zombies-Teel James Glenn-(Books for a Buck)
Robin Hood King Of Sherwood-I. A. Watson-(Airship 27 Productions)
Zombies in Time and Space-multiple authors-(Wild Cat Books)
Dagon’s Disciples-Chris and William Carney (Wild Cat Books)
Pulp Detectives
-Tom  Johnson (Altus Press)
Sun-Koh-Heir of Atlantis-Art Sippo (Age of Adventure)
Van Allen Plexico Presents Gideon Cain-multiple authors (Airship 27 Productions)

Best Short Story

Run -Andrew Salmon-Masked Gun Mystery #1 (Pro Se Productions)
Of All the Plagues a Lover Bears-Derrick Ferguson-How The West Was Weird (Pulpwork Press)
Masquerra and the Storm Lord -Nancy Hansen-Pro Se Presents Fantasy and Fear #2 (Pro Se Productions)
Grave Mistake-Teel James Glenn-Pulp Empire, Volume 2 (Pulp Empire)
Aloha McCoy-Hello New Life, Hello Old-Ken Janssens-Masked Gun Mystery #1 (Pro Se Productions)
Dancing Out of Time-Megan Smith-Peculiar Adventures #1 (Pro Se Productions)
The Beast of Governor's Island
-Teel James Glenn-Deadline Zombies (Books for a Buck)
Mr. Brass and the Spawn of Frankenstein-Joshua Reynolds-Peculiar Adventures 2 (Pro Se Productions)
Studyin‘ Scarlett
-Ken Janssens-Fantasy and Fear #2 (Pro Se Productions)
The Girl in the Glass Coffin-I.A. Watson-Van Allen Plexico Presents Gideon Cain, vol. 1 (Airship 27 Productions)
The Girl with the Phantom Eyes -Barry Reese-Peculiar Adventures #2 (Pro Se Productions)
The Last Deposit-I.A. Watson -Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Vol. Two  (Airship 27 Productions)
The Affair of the Wretched Flesh-Joshua Reynolds -Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective Vol. 2,(Airship 27 Productions)
Constantine’s Wolves-Joshua Reynolds-Pro Se Presents Peculiar Adventures #2 (Pro Se Productions)
The Demon of Blackwater Swamp-Russ Parkhurst-Startling Stories: Vol. 2 No. 4 (Wild Cat Books)
Scourge of the Spoils -Matthew P. Mayo-Steampunk’d (DAW Books)
The Mountain Goats of Madness-Phil Bledsoe (Phil Bledsoe)

Best Cover Art

Green Lama Unbound-Mike Fyles (Airship 27 Productions)
Robin Hood-King of Sherwood-Mike Manley (Airship 27 Productions)
Dillon and the Legend of the Golden Bell-Tamas Jakab (Pulpwork Press)
The Adventures of Dodge Dalton in the Shadow of Falcon's Wings-Chad Rouse (Seven Realms Publishing)
Vampires Vs. Werewolves- Rob Moran (Age of Adventure)
Rabbit Heart-Jason Levesque (Wild Cat Books)
Jim Anthony, Volume One-Micah Harris (Airship 27 Productions)
Hex of Shadows
-Teel James Glenn (
Pro Se Presents Peculiar Adventures #2
-Adam Buechler (Pro Se Productions)
Tales of the Bagman
-Laura Givens (Airship 27 Productions)
Zombies in Time and Space -Nick Neocleous (Wild Cat Books)
Pro Se Presents Peculiar Adventure #3-David Burton (Pro Se Productions)
Pulp Heroes: Khan Dynasty-Wayne Reinagel (Knightraven Studios)
Pro Se Presents Masked Gun Mystery 2-Norm Breyfogle (Pro Se Productions)
Tales of the Red Panda: The Android Assassins-Thomas Perkins (Autogyro Press)
Startling Stories Summer 2010-David Burton (Wild Cat Books)
Weird Horror Tales: The Feasting-Christophe Dessaigne (Airship 27 Productions)

Best  Interior Art

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Volume 2-Rob Davis (Airship 27 Productions)
Jim Anthony Super Detective Vol.Two The Hunters-Pedro Cruz (Airship 27 Productions)
Green Lama Unbound-Mike Fyles (Airship 27 Productions)
The Rook Volume 5-Anthony Castrillo, (Wild Cat Books)
Robin Hood•King of Sherwood-Rob Davis (Airship 27 Productions)
Pro Se Presents Peculiar Adventures #3- Clayton Hinkle (Pro Se Productions)
Dagon’s Disciples-William Carney (Wild Cat Books)
Pulp Heroes: Khan Dynasty-Wayne Reinagel (Knightraven Studios)
Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine, Summer 2010-David Burton (Strange, Weird, and Wonderful)

Best Pulp Related Comic

Boston Bombers (Red Bud Studios)
Lady Mechanika (Aspen Comics)
Lance Star Sky Ranger (Bobby Nash)
Strange Aeons (Strange Aeons)
Warlord Of Mars
(Dynamite Entertainment)
(Tracy J. Butler)
The Fate of Gary Wooten (Pro Se Productions)
Kolchak the Night Stalker:Lovecraft Damnation-(Moonstone)
Air Fighters-(Moonstone Books)

Best Pulp Magazine

Masked Gun Mystery  (Pro Se Productions)
Peculiar Adventures (Pro Se Productions)
Startling Stories  (Wild Cat Books)
Fantasy and Fear  (Pro Se Productions)
Six Gun Western (Age of Adventure)
Beat to A Pulp (Beat to A Pulp)
Dark Worlds (Rage Machine Books)

Best Pulp Revival

Ascott Keane-Rabbit Heart by Barry Reese
Green Lama -Green Lama Unbound by Adam L. Garcia
Captain Hazzard -Citadel of Fear by Ron Fortier
The Eagle -TRIPLE DETECTIVE #4 by Kerry Roberts
The Masked Avenger -TRIPLE DETECTIVE by Tom Johnson
The Spider: Chaos Maker-Robin Wayne Bailey (Moonstone Books)

Best Author

Martin Powell
Joel Jenkins
Barry Reese
Ron Fortier
Wayne Reinagel
Gregg Taylor
Adam L. Garcia
IA Watson
Teel James Glenn
Derrick Ferguson
Sean Ellis
Van Allen Plexico

Best New Writer

Laura Givens
Percival Constantine
Ken Janssens
Tommy Hancock

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