Saturday, September 24, 2011

Early Paul Bishop

I thought it would be fun to post an old magazine with a Paul Bishop short story for his fans.  Here is Issue #2 of Detective Story Magazine, September 1988, from Gary Lovisi. Paul's story is "The Neighbor Hood". The issue also contains material by Michael Avallone and C.J. Henderson, as well as others. The cover is by Ron Wilber, who did a lot of the covers for our Fading Shadows magazines, including Detective Mystery Stories.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jur: A Story of Pre Dawn Earth

Jur: A Story of Pre Dawn Earth by Tom Johnson & James Reasoner.
Coming Soon From NTD

“We have to go back a bit, to an earlier day when adventure and romance weren't as rare as they are today... that's  a good way to start don't you think....." 

Lost in a prehistoric land that time forgot, a twentieth century couple must survive the dangers of savage beasts and dinosaurs. A young French archeologist disappears without a trace in the jungles of Africa.  An American adventurer with time on his hands volunteers to go find her.  Through the high thrills of adventure and the adrenalin-pumping lows of terror, these two must unite in their fight to survive the jungle as they attempt to find their way back to the world they left behind and discover a love like no other.  Will they succeed?  Only time will tell….

Friday, September 9, 2011

C.A. Murphy

Above is artist, C.A. Murphy's rendition of Richard Curtis Van Loan, The Phantom Detective, in the April 1942 issue.

Above is his rendition of g-man Dan Fowler, in the August 1936 issue.